Our submission to the senate inquiry into the governments proposed amendment to the Marriage Act

We are concerned that any marriage equality legislation that entrenches the unequal treatment of LGBTI couples undermines the point of providing for these couples to marry. Indeed, it cannot properly be called “marriage equality”. The many people who support marriage equality because it provides for equality would find it very difficult to support legislation that takes with one hand while giving with the other.

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Irish LGBTI Community And Allies Send A Video Message To Australia

We're keeping the up pressure on parliament to vote down a plebiscite with the release of videoed interviews highlighting the true cost of the 2015 Irish marriage equality referendum.

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Global call to parliament: stop the plebiscite

In conjunction with global LGBTI rights group All Out we delivered a petition of 92,068 signatures to the Australian parliament on 13 October 2016. 

The message was a simple one: Thank You For Promising To Block The Plebiscite! This 2.4m tall thank you card was delivered throughout parliament and attracted enthusiastic signatures from across the political spectrum.

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