Who we are:

We are a national lobby and advocacy group representing the interests and priorities of the LGBTIQA+ community.

Our current Board, Committee Members and Advisers come from all over metropolitan and regional Australia and have an immense amount of experience and skill with legislation, political engagement,academic research, health and education issues, campaigns and community engagement.

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Just.Equal Australia was founded by key community-based marriage equality campaigners during the successful nationwide movement for that reform. It has since grown to include a diverse range of campaigners. Read more


Real change comes up from the people, not down from the powerful), and progressive social reform is driven by the grassroots. This is the philosophy that guides Just.Equal Australia (Inc) Read more

What we do:

Just.Equal Australia aims to inspire, engage and mobilise Australians in the ongoing struggle to ensure dignity, respect and equality for LGBTIQA+ people, their families and communities. To reach our goals we will always campaign for new and innovative solutions to discrimination, that challenges old myths and prejudices, and that puts the LGBTIQA+ community first. Read more about what we do 

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