Urgent: Alan Tudge, Free The Gay Saudi Journalists Today

FFS, you wouldn't believe it. After being detained among convicted criminals in Australia for two months, the gay Saudi couple, persecuted journalists seeking protection in Australia, are now the victims of bungled paperwork.

While Nassar was released last Friday, Sultan remains in detention because the department made a mistake with the paperwork.

The problem is that Minister Coleman stepped down from duties on Friday which means Sultan's application for a bridging visa has been redirected to now acting Minister for Immigration Alan Tudge.

This mistake and sudden departure may see Sultan continue to be incarcerated for no greater reason than a department's paperwork and the delay in a new minister catching up with the paper trail.

These two men fled Saudi Arabia because they had a well founded fear they were about to be imprisoned and punished for being gay.

To date, Australia has done Saudi Arabia's job by detaining, separating and delaying process.

Now we're running out of time before the government and it's agencies grind to a halt over Christmas.

There's a real chance the victimisation of Sultan and Nassar may extend to them being separated and alone while the Minister enjoys his break with family and friends.

From now until Sultan's release we're calling on our community and allies to draw this case to the attention of Minister Alan Tudge.

We have limited time and we don't have confidence that good will prevail. It's imperative we all begin messaging Minister Tudge through every avenue we have available, so here they are:

Send him an email: [email protected]
Message him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tudgeMP/
Tweet him (regularly): https://twitter.com/AlanTudgeMP
Electorate Office: (03) 9887 3890 (Be polite, the staff are lovely and their job is to communicate your message to the Minister, not receive aggression)

Share this page with your friends and family on social media and ask them to active too. 

We could help get Sultan released, if we just convince Minister Tudge to sign his release form.

Alan, don't go on holidays until you release Sultan. An innocent, persecuted man is isolated from his loved one & denied freedom, just waiting for you to just get the paperwork done.

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