Religious Discrimination


6th June 2024

In 2018 Just.Equal Australia commissioned national polling from respected pollster, YouGov, about protecting LGBTQA+ people from discrimination in faith-based schools.

The research showed high levels of public support. Our research played a significant role in moving the issue forward by shifting debate away from the views of a handful of anti-LGBTQA+ religious leaders towards what the broader community wants.

With the issue hitting the news again, we again commissioned a YouGov poll.

Click here... to view our media release relating to the outcome of the poll.

15th April 2024

Last month, Just.Equal Australia urged the Labor and The Greens to include all faith-based organisations and an LGBTIQA+ Human Rights Commissioner in their negotiations over LGBTIQA+ and religious human rights protections (media releases here...  and here...).

Today, after Michaela Cash called for the federal religious discrimination laws to override state and territory anti-discrimination laws, Just.Equal Australia called on the Albanese Government to abandon attempts to work with the Opposition to prohibit LGBTQ+ discrimination by faith-based schools, and negotiate with the cross-bench instead.  Read our media release here...

13th November 2024

Just.Equal Australia has condemned a proposed religious exemption in proposed federal misinformation and disinformation law, saying that the exemption will allow for the spread of harmful falsehoods about LGBTIQA+ people.  Read our media release here...


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