2022 Bridget Archer

1. Overriding Tasmanian discrimination legislation

The Religious Discrimination Bill sought to override and weaken sections of the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Act.

Q:  Will you commit to vote against any legislative provision that weakens existing protections under Tasmania’s gold-standard Anti-Discrimination Act?



2.  Discrimination in faith-based schools

Tasmanian law currently protects LGBTIQ+ students, staff and clients from discrimination in faith-based schools and services.

Q. Will you vote for an amendment to the federal Sex Discrimination Act to provide similar protections nationally?

Yes – I believe all persons should be protected from discrimination no matter their attribute


3. Overriding Tasmanian gender legislation

The Tasmanian Law Reform Institute has endorsed Tasmania’s gold-standard sex and gender recognition laws, however some federal members have called for them to be overridden and weakened.

Q:  Will you commit to vote against any such override or weakening?

Yes – I will always stand up to protect Tasmania’s nation-leading anti-discrimination laws


4. Trans women and sport

Tasmanian Senator Claire Chandler has introduced a Bill that would allow increased exclusion of transgender women and girls from women's sport, despite existing provisions working well for many years and no sporting code asking for such legislation. The Senator’s Bill sets a much lower standard than the strong discrimination protections for trans and gender diverse people that current exist in Tasmania.

Q:  Will you vote against this or any other Bill that seeks to increase discrimination trans and gender diverse people?

Yes – I have been clear that I do not want to see anyone discriminated against based on any attribute they may have, particularly as Tasmanian law already provides these protections.  Like our Premier, I will always stand up to prevent any erosion of our anti-discrimination laws.


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