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Despite Australia achieving marriage equality in 2017, much more work is required to protect and advance the human rights and well-being of LGBTIQA+ Australians. It is essential, for example, that conversion practices and unnecessary intersex medical interventions are banned, that trans and gender diverse people are recognised and included, that faith-based schools and services can no longer discriminate and that other unjust laws and policies are reformed.

But, right now, LGBTIQA+ Australians are facing a backlash to achieving marriage equality; a push to erode existing anti-discrimination protections, attacks on trans and gender diverse communities, and weak to non-existent government LGBTIQA+ support services, education programs and health funding. 

Just.Equal Australia believes that a clear majority of Australians support true LGBTIQA+ equality, but this is not always reflected in our state, territory and federal parliaments which often need to be encouraged to do better. 

Just.Equal Australia aims to inspire, engage and mobilise Australians in the ongoing struggle to ensure dignity, respect and equality for LGBTIQA+ people, their families and communities. To reach our goals we will always campaign for new and innovative solutions to discrimination, that challenges old myths and prejudices, and that puts the LGBTIQA+ community first.

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Ivan Hinton-Teoh OAM, President

Cody Smith, Vice President

Dr Ange Dwyer, Secretary

Brian Greig OAM, Treasurer

Dr Charlie Burton, Committee Member

Rodney Croome AM, Committee Member

Dr Sharon Dane, Committee Member

Bill Rutkin OAM, Committee Member

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