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1st December 2022 - Report recommends WA bring in laws against conversion therapy

A report into the activities at Perth’s religious based facility Esther House has highlighted Western Australia’s lack of legislation specifically outlawing conversion practices and suppression practices that aim to change a person’s sexuality or gender.  Read more...


1st December 2022 - AFAO: Australia charts a path to zero on World AIDS Day

 The Federal Government’s confirmation of a specialist taskforce to drive the end of HIV transmission in Australia, along with increased funding to UNAIDS, have been strongly welcomed by AFAO, as we mark World AIDS Day 2022.  Read more...


1st December 2022 - On World AIDS Day, Biden administration releases new global strategy to end HIV/AIDS by 2030

On World AIDS Day, the Biden administration renewed its focus on ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic by 2030, releasing a new five-year strategy for the United States’ global response.  Read more...

People light candles on the eve of World AIDS Day in 2022. On Thursday, the United States released a new global strategy on HIV/AIDS.


1st December 2022 - Bullying of LGBTQ students on the rise this year according to high school principals

There has been a marked increase in parents demanding limits to LGBTQ+ students' rights that may have spilled over to bullying in schools.  Read more...

A kid being bullied at school


1st December 2022 - Japan court upholds ban on same-sex marriage but voices concern over rights

 The Tokyo district court said a lack of legal protection for same-sex families violated their human rights, a comment plaintiffs welcomed as a partial victory for LGBTQ couples.  Read more...

Plaintiffs and their supporters head to the Tokyo District Court in Tokyo on November 30, 2022, in a lawsuit filed by same-sex couples seeking damages from the government arguing the ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.


1st December 2022 - More Than 1 Million Same-Sex Couples Live in the U.S., Census Says

The number of same-sex couple households documented by the U.S. Census Bureau exceeded 1 million for the first time in 2021, according to Census data released in late November.  Read more...

Lesbian couple


1st December 2022 - Canada’s federal health minister understands the problems with HIV funding, but is vague about solutions

Jean-Yves Duclos addresses concerns raised by community groups. 


30th November 2022 - Queensland government to introduce long-awaited trans reform bill

The Queensland government will this week introduce long-awaited legislation allowing transgender and gender diverse people to update their sex on their birth certificates without undergoing gender affirming surgery.  Read more...

Shannon fentiman is queensland attorney-general and will introduce transgender law reform


30th November 2022 - US Senate passes bill protecting same-sex marriage

House must now pass legislation as Democrats hurry to get it Biden to sign into law before Republicans take over the chamber. Read more...

The US Capitol building.


29th November 2022 - Singapore parliament decriminalizes gay sex

Parliament scrapped a rarely enforced colonial-era law criminalizing sex between men. However, it introduced a constitutional amendment that stands in the way of marriage equality.  Read more...

 People wave a rainbow flag during the Pink Dot event held in Singapore's Hong Lim Park on July 1, 2017.


29th November 2022 - Netanyahu strikes Israeli coalition deal with far-right homophobic leader

Ex-PM poised to form one of most hardline religious and nationalist governments in country’s history Read more...

Benjamin Netanyahu at the swearing-in ceremony of Israeli lawmakers at the Knesset in Jerusalem


29th November 2022 - Lifetime Achievement Award for community stalwart Bill Rutkin

Congrats to one of our committee members Bill Rutkin.  Read more...

mental health lifetime achievement hureed



Greens’ Gabrielle De Vietri has become the first out queer woman to be elected to the lower house of Victoria’s Parliament.  Read more...


28th November 2022 - NBL star discusses the responsibilities of coming out in sports

Melbourne United star Isaac Humphries speaks about the responsibility to be a role model for people after coming out as gay.  See more...


27th November 2022 - Liberal pollster: we’ll keep drinking the Kool-Aid

...if the Libs don’t start reading the room, the Greens will overtake them as one of the two natural parties of government. They’ll then be reduced to a rump playing second fiddle to a newly dominant Nationals coalition partner.  Read more...

kool-aID jonestown tony barry



In another show of Qatar cracking down on any support of the LGBTQ+ community, an Australian fan was denied entry into the main World Cup ticketing centre after a bag inspection by security found a rainbow version of the Australian flag.  Read more...


27th November 2022 - How the American anti-LGBTQ hate machine is posing a threat to Canadians

In wake of Colorado nightclub shooting, ex-intelligence official warns of spillover effects of U.S. politics. Read more...


27th November 2022 - Qatar: step right up for the greatest shitshow on earth

The greatest shitshow on earth continues in Qatar where security and police continue to harass soccer fans wearing suspicious multi-coloured apparel. On Saturday, security threatened to call police unless Bengt Kunkel and another German fan threw their rainbow armbands in a bin.  Read more...

greatest shitshow on earth Bengt Kunkel


27th November 2022 - Daniel Andrews wins a third term in Victorian state election

The re-election of the Andrews government has been welcomed by LGBTIQA+ rights organisation Just Equal.  Read more...


26th November 2022 - Court sequel to 2020 Drag Queen Storytime Tragedy

Monday will see a sequel to the 2020 Drag Queen Storytime tragedy. Lyle Shelton will appear at the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal consequent to comments he posted about performers at the event.  Read more...

drag queen storytime tragedy shelton diamond


26th November 2022 - Watch: The Rosa Bonheur Case Part 2: Lesbian erasure

Part 2 of Carole Cassier and Anna Polonyi’s wonderful documentary web series on the 19th-century superstar of French art, Rosa Bonheur, is now available to watch. In the second episode, Carole and Anna examine lesbian erasure.  Read more...


rosa bonheur lesbian erasure


26th November 2022 - Call for LGBTIQA+ Commissioner on Human Rights Commission

Until 2018, Labor Party policy called for the appointment of a dedicated LGBTIQA+ Commissioner to the Australian Human Rights Commission. But it appears, in the face of unrelenting right-wing demonisation of the LGBTIQA+ communities, Labor’s feet became a little chilly in the years since.  Read more...

lgbtiqa+ commissioner human rights commission


25th November 2022 - Russian parliament moves to widen prohibition against 'LGBT propaganda' to include adults

Russia's lower house of parliament has given its final approval to a bill that significantly increases restrictions on activities seen as promoting gay rights in the country, another step in a years-long crackdown on the nation's embattled LGBT community.  Read more...

A white man in a cap waves a rainbow flag at a rally in front of historic Russian buildings.


25th November 2022 - Scott Morrison at speech from controversial author Jordan Peterson, who has angered LGBTIQ+ advocates

Contentious psychologist Jordan Peterson spoke at Parliament this week with Scott Morrison in attendance. Dr Peterson has angered the trans community over his long-standing objection to preferred pronouns for gender-diverse people. 

Just.Equal's committee member Sally Goldner said, "pronouns are important because they are a sign of respect and she is worried about his take on their use". Read more...

Author Jordan Peterson places his hand on Scott Morrison's shoulder



An inquiry into unsolved LGBTQ+ deaths has revealed that lesbians were seen as “fair game” if they weren’t in the company of men, with violence being sparked when sexual advances were turned down.  Read more...


25th November 2022 - ‘An explosion’: what is behind the rise in girls questioning their gender identity?

As the NHS reviews gender referrals, parents, clinicians and young people reveal the social, medical and emotional challenges they face.  Read more...

25th November 2022 - Trans people face ‘unparalleled’ violence, hate crime inquiry hears

The New South Wales’ LGBTIQ hate crime inquiry has heard violence against transgender and gender diverse people is not a “historical phenemonon” and the risk is in some ways “greater than ever before”.  Read more...

Eloise Brook from the Gender Centre addresses NSW LGBTIQ hate crime inquiry


25th November 2022 - Gay Not Queer

Gay identities are based on biological sex; gender identities erase biological sex and replace it with gender.  Read more...

Gay Not Queer


25th November 2022 - What happened to the first generation of children from out gay & lesbian homes?

Between 1979–1983 Joe Gantz interviewed kids who were raised by same-sex couples. 40 years later, he interviewed them again.  Read more...

gay couples, IVF, babies, raising children, in vitro fertilization, gay parents


25th November 2022 - Days after deadly shooting at LGBTQ club, Twitter bans group that protects LGBTQ events

Last Saturday's mass shooting at Club Q, an LBGTQ-friendly bar in Colorado Springs, Colorado, came as a shock, but not a surprise, to people who monitor extremism. Meanwhile, Twitter – days after restoring extremists to its pages – banned the account of an anti-fascist pro-gun collective that has been protecting similar LGBTQ events from those who mean them harm.  Read more...

Days after deadly shooting at LGBTQ club, Twitter bans group that protects LGBTQ events


25th November 2022 - The GOP presidential primary promises to be the most anti-LGBTQ ever

More than a year ahead of any actual primary, the field of presidential wannabes is already filling up, and every one of them promises to be even more anti-LGBTQ than in previous election cycles.  Read more...

Donald Trump said that he would be "better for the gay community" during the campaign, but his Justice Department is arguing against progress in LGBT rights made during the Obama Administration.


25th November 2022 - Qatar World Cup U-turns on rainbow ban after ‘urgent talks’ with FIFA

Qatar has stated that Pride colours will “not be prohibited” after reports that football fans wearing rainbow clothing were being turned away from World Cup stadiums.  Read more...

Qatar World Cup in rainbow flag U-turn: Pride colours will 'not be prohibited'


24th November 2022 - Katherine Deves: Andrews should be voted out over Pride Centre funding

Former Liberal candidate Katherine Deves says Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews should be voted out, listing the funding of Victoria’s landmark Pride Centre as a reason his government needs to be removed from power. Read more...



The Northern Territory Parliament passed new anti-discrimination legislation early Wednesday morning, making it the first major reform of the legislation in 30 years.  Read more...


24th November 2022 - The dangers faced by LGBTQ people in the Middle East

With the 2022 World Cup being held in Qatar, much attention has been placed on the country's strict laws regarding the LGBTQ community. However, Qatar is just one of a number of nations in the Middle East where LGBTQ people face significant hurdles and marginalization of their rights. Here's everything you need to know:  Read more...

A cuffed wrist.


24th November 2022 - German Players Covered Their Mouths Before A World Cup Game After Not Being Allowed To Support LGBTQ People

Ahead of their game against Japan at the World Cup in Qatar on Wednesday, players from Team Germany assembled on the pitch and covered their mouths in an act of protest.  Read more...

Germany players pose with their hands covering their mouths as they line up for the team photos on the field



For five years we have been told that the 2017 marriage postal survey and subsequent legislation allowing LGBTIQA+ marriages was an entirely inspiring story of equality winning against the odds.  But there is another tale behind that facade, one of cowardice, compromise and co-option. Read more...

marriage rally rainbow pride court wellbeing uniting church


23rd November 2022 - On This Gay Day: Australia allowed gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military

In 1992 Australia allows gay and lesbian people to serve openly in the military. Read more...


23rd November 2022 - ‘How dare you’: Penny slams Pauline Hanson’s ‘dangerous’ bill

Queensland Greens senator Penny Allman-Payne shut down Pauline Hanson’s push to get an education bill which targets education surrounding the diversity of gender and sexuality.  Read more...

Penny Allman-Payne and Pauline Hanson


23rd November 2022 - ‘We couldn’t rely on police’: The meeting that spurred action on homophobic attacks

It was more than 30 years ago but the events were “crystal clear in my mind”, recalled Gary Cox.  Read more...

Gary Cox and Senior Sergeant Brian Gately, photographed for an October 1988 article in The Sydney Morning Herald. Gately was appointed to the Police Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit.



The City of Sydney, in an effort to be more inclusive, will be updating all public forms to “represent and reflect” the gender diversities in the community.  Read more...


22nd November 2022 - DV inquiry report calls for LGBTIQ+ reform in Queensland Police

A scathing report from the inquiry into Queensland Police Service’s handling of domestic and family violence has made recommendations to benefit LGBTIQ victim-survivors.  Read more...
Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll

21st November 2022 - German bishops at stalemate with Vatican over women, homosexuality

The president of the German Bishops’ Conference, Bishop Georg Bätzing, said he will not deny blessings for same-sex couples.  Read more...


22nd November 2022 - The Well of Loneliness: The book that could corrupt a nation

While its literary value has been questioned, and many of its values now appear outdated, Radclyffe Hall's The Well of Loneliness still holds a place as a beacon for sexual self-discovery, writes Hephzibah Anderson in BBC Culture's Banned Books series.  Read more...

(Credit: Emmanuel Lafont)


21st November 2022 - Gay U.S. ambassador to Hungary is leading by “power of example”

The traditional role of ambassador to a foreign nation is to observe, report, and relay their government’s sentiments to the host nation. In the case the Biden administration’s appointment of David Pressman to Hungary, it’s more like dropping a wasp into a hornet’s nest.  Read more...

Gay U.S. ambassador to Hungary is leading by “power of example”


21st November 2022 - Tense stand-off between FIFA and World Cup team captains in Qatar over unauthorised 'One Love' armbands

European team captains will not wear anti-discrimination armbands in World Cup games in Qatar after threats from FIFA to show yellow cards to the players.  Read more...

A white armband with a rainbow heart reading '1 Love' on a player's arm.


21st November 2022 - Gunman kills 5 at LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs before patrons confront and stop him, police say

20161110 orange logo curved edges 4 %28no dark background%29 tight cropped large %284%29 small Just.Equal Australia is appalled by the attack on patrons of the Q Club in Colorado. We stand with the loved ones of those killed and injured and the communities of which they are a part. We condemn hate and gun violence. We note the massacre took place on the weekend of Transgender Day of Remembrance, a time when trans and gender diverse people are already remembering those we have lost. This atrocious event highlights why we must do all we can to end hate and violence.


21st November 2022 - Two bartenders among five dead in Colorado gay club shooting

Grief-stricken friends have paid tribute to bartenders Derrick Rump and Daniel Aston, who are among the five dead in a mass shooting at gay nightclub Club Q in Colorado Springs.  Read more...

Two bartenders dead in colorado gay nightclub club q mass shooting



Two bar patrons heroically confronted and subdued the lone shooter who targeted Club Q, a gay nightclub in the US city of Colorado Springs, on Saturday, November 19, 2022, police said.  Read more...


21st November 2022 - ‘When hateful propaganda goes unchecked’: Mass shooting in LGBTQ nightclub in US

Yet another tragic shooting has claimed the lives of innocent people in the U.S over the weekend, after a 22-year-old gunman opened fire inside an LGBTQ+ nightclub in Colorado Springs, killing five people and injuring 25.  Read more...



20th November 2022 - Police identify offender in Colorado nightclub shooting

Colorado Springs Police have identified the man arrested at the scene of a mass shooting at Club Q as 22-year-old Anderson Lee Aldrich.  Read more...


19th November 2022 - The Don’t Say Gay law is instilling fear in Florida kids and classrooms

Across Florida this new school year, rainbows, safe space stickers and books with LGBTQ themes and history are being replaced in classrooms out of fear.  Read more...

A lonely teen at a girls' school


19th November 2022 - FIFA boss branded 'numpty' for comparing his ginger hair to being gay in Qatar

Gianni Infantino compared his childhood bullying due to his ginger hair to the suffering of migrant workers and the LGBT+ community in a country where homosexuality is illegal during a bizarre rant.  Read more...

FIFA President Gianni Infantino during a press conference


19th November 2022 - Grow up, Senator! Kids reading about a girl in pants is not grooming - Courtney Act

Last Sunday I emerged from a blissful 10-day silent meditation retreat to learn I’d been brought up in a Senate estimates hearing. Liberal Senator Alex Antic held up an image of me reading a children’s book on ABC Kids’ Play School Story Time. He asked David Anderson, the ABC managing director: “Why is the ABC grooming children with this sort of adult content?”  Read more...

Courtney Act appearing on Play School Story Time.


19th November 2022 - Ultra-conservative Liberal candidate won’t sit in party room if elected: Guy

Victorian Opposition Leader Matthew Guy says Liberal candidate Renee Heath – a lifelong member of an ultra-conservative church opposed to gay, transgender and reproductive rights – will not sit in the Liberal party room if she is elected on November 26.  Read more...

Matthew Guy disowns controversial candidate



Russian soldiers have been accused of committing targeted anti-gay attacks against Ukrainians. Attacks have involved acts of violence including rape, imprisonment, assault, theft, and attempted murder.   Read more...


18th November 2022 - Nicola Sturgeon calls for LGBTQ+ solidarity during Qatar World Cup: ‘Stand up for dignity’

Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon has called for people “to stand in solidarity with the LGBT+ community” during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.  Read more...

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon wears a rainbow "choose love" t-shirt at the 2018 Pride Festival in Glasgow



Tasmania has just elected its first trans person to public office. Jade Darko was recently elected to the Clarence City Council becoming the first transgender woman elected to public office in the state. Darko is currently the only out trans person occupying public office in Australia. Read more...



A NSW Court of Criminal Appeal on Friday set aside the conviction of Scott White (51), who was jailed in May 2022 after pleading guilty to the 1988 murder of gay American mathematician Scott Johnson.   Read more...


17th November 2022 - Creator of Transgender Flag: 'I Fear for Our Youth'

Transgender Awareness Month marks a time to celebrate the history and perseverance of trans and gender-nonconforming people and uplift our voices and experiences. But we face increasing legislative attacks against our health care, history, and existence. As the creator of the Transgender Pride Flag, I fear where I may safely fly our flag.  Read more...



17th November 2022 - Republicans just won the House of Representatives. Here’s what it means for LGBTQ+ rights

After the Republicans won a majority in the US House of Representatives, advancing LGBTQ+ rights through law possibly just got harder.  Read more...

Pride flags are waved in front of the White House.


17th November 2022 - I tried to stop my son from being gay. Here’s what I wish I had known

 As a Christian, I thought I was doing the right thing. Years after losing my son, I’m sharing my story so other well-meaning parents don’t end up like me.  Read more...

I tried to pray the gay away with my teenage son. It didn't work and now I have regrets. Here's what I want other parents to know


17th November 2022 - Sydney may be hosting WorldPride but the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act is a source of shame

The first place in Australia to ban discrimination on the basis of homosexuality now has the worst LGBTQ+ legal protections. Read more...

Community Action for Rainbow Rights (Carr) held a protest at Sydney Town Hall before marching via Pitt Street Mall to the NSW Parliament building on Macquarie Street on 31 October 2021


17th November 2022 - Mormon church voices support for Senate bill to protect gay marriage

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has voiced support for a Senate bill which would protect same-sex marriage, saying LGBTQ+ individuals are entitled to rights even while affirming its belief that same-sex relationships are a sin.  Read more...

The Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Senate is set to vote on Wednesday on the Respect for Marriage Act.


16th November 2022 - Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is going to appear on ‘Drag Race’

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is about to make history, he’ll be the first world leader to appear on an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race.  Read more...


16th November 2022 - Most Americans Say Gay Marriage Is Good for Society

Majority of Americans express positive views of same-sex nuptials, though stark divides persist based on religious and political affiliation.  Read more...


16th November 2022 - LGBTQ+ activists are ‘battle-ready’ for Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential bid

The prospect of another Donald Trump presidency would pose a “serious risk” to LGBTQ+ rights, but queer advocates say they’re “battle-ready”.  Read more...

A protester wearing a face mask holds a homemade sign that says, "Trump is Not America"


16th November 2022 - Gay Qataris physically abused then recruited as agents, campaigner says

Gay Qataris have been promised safety from physical torture in exchange for helping the authorities to track down other LGBTQ+ people in the country, a prominent Qatari doctor and gay rights campaigner has told the Guardian.  Read more...

A sign in Qatar on Tuesday advertising the World Cup, which starts on Sunday.


16th November 2022 - Donald Trump announces 2024 presidential bid with unhinged transphobic speech

Donald Trump – the most anti-LGBTQ+ President in modern history – has announced he will be making a new bid for the White House in 2024, and immediately attacked trans women in sport.  Read more...

Donald Trump


15th November 2022 - GP promotes the ‘ABC of transgender care’

Dr Clara Tuck Meng Soo is seeking to highlight the value of supportive and non-judgmental care to help mark Transgender Awareness Week.  Read more...

Doctor providing care to transgender patient


15th November 2022 - Around 76% of LGBTQ+ students don't feel safe at school

Teenagers who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or queer do not feel safe in Irish schools and many are skipping school in order to avoid negative treatment.  Read more...

Students from St Laurence College in Loughlinstown at the launch of the 2022 School Climate Survey

RTE (Raidió Teilifís Éireann)

15th November 2022 - Senator Dean Smith asks if the pain of the postal survey was necessary

On the fifth anniversary of the results of the Marriage Postal Survey results being announced, Liberal senator Dean Smith has questioned if the process used to bring marriage equality to Australia was a good choice.  Read more...


15th November 2022 - Menace, brinkmanship, joy: how marriage equality made it through Australia’s parliament

Five years ago the results of the marriage equality postal survey were announced in a joyous turning point for those who had campaigned for Australia to recognise that all loving relationships should be treated equally by our laws.

Within a month the Australian parliament had done what it always should have been prepared to do and backed Senator Dean Smith’s private member’s bill to legalise same-sex marriages.  Read more...

Trevor Evans and Tim Wilson look on as Trent Zimmerman congratulates Dean Smith during the first reading of his marriage equality bill in the Senate in 2017


15th November 2022 - Thorpe questions transgender swimming ban

Australia's most successful male Olympian Ian Thorpe has hit back at a decision by international swimming's governing body FINA to ban transgender athletes from competing in women's events.  Read more...


15th November 2022 - Germany sends Qatar a message with Lufthansa ‘diversity plane’ to World Cup

Lufthansa is making a statement by flying the German football team plane to the Qatar World Cup in a “diversity plane”.  Read more...

<p>The World Cup plane’s bold livery</p>


15th November 2022 - US use rainbow logo at Qatar World Cup in support of LGBTQ community

The US men’s team are showing their support for the LGBTQ community by way of a rainbow-themed logo at their training facility in Qatar as they prepare for this month’s World Cup. Read more...

US goalkeeper Sean Johnson said that ‘we are a group who believes in inclusivity’



South Australian One Nation MLC Sarah Game has complained that her daughter’s school was teaching children about gay marriages.  Read more...


14th November 2022 - Scott Bagnell from Masterchef is ready to cook up a feast for PrideFEST

Queenslander Scott Bagnell leapt into Australian lounge rooms when he appeared on the 2021 edition of the popular TV show MasterChef.  Soon he’ll be appearing at Perth’s PrideFEST where he’s going to be providing a cooking demonstration and making a superb meal too.  Read more...


13th November 2022 - Call for LGBT veterans to share their stories with review

A former military fireman is urging LGBT veterans to take part in a review of the impact of a historical ban on homosexuality in the armed forces.  Read more...

Carl Austin-Behan


13th November 2022 - Transgender Awareness Week

Observed November 13 to November 19, is a one-week celebration leading up to the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR), which memorializes victims of transphobic violence. TDoR occurs annually on November 20, when transgender advocates raise awareness of the transgender community through education and advocacy activities.  Read more...

Transgender Awareness Week and Transgender Day of Remembrance - Waterloo  Region District School Board (Waterloo Region District School Board)


13th November 2022 - Manda Hatter and Mon Schafter take Pride in making the ABC a safe and welcoming place for all

Before she came to work at the ABC, Manda Hatter says she and her colleagues in commercial TV would often jokingly call the national broadcaster the "GayBC".

This was because it seemed from the outside that the ABC was a welcoming workplace for members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

"When I got here, I realised that what was far from the truth," Manda says.  Read more...

Manda in a street parade with other ABC staff. They are wearing bright tshirts with a gold lissajou print and looking very happy


13th November 2022 - Police ‘decency checks’ at Mardi Gras parade under scrutiny

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is facing pressure to stop police officers from conducting “decency checks” on parade participants, amid a row over policing of the event.  Read more...

Participants in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade face the possibility of decency checks conducted by a Mardi Gras representative and NSW Police.


11th November 2022 - Targeted campaign against conversion therapy ban as Tasmania looks to outlaw practice

A targeted campaign is being run in Tasmania against plans to ban conversion therapy, including a Liberal MP hosting an upcoming event in Parliament House questioning the move.  Read more...

Lara Alexander looks at the camera.


10th November 2022 - Five years after marriage equality comes divorce equality – or at least the start

Five years after the legalisation of same-sex marriage, gay couples are encountering the flipside of marriage equality: divorce, although not yet in equal measure.  Read more...

Tuesday will mark five years since the results of the postal survey on marriage equality were announced.


10th November 2022 - California Installs First Lesbian Supreme Court Justice

Two days after voters approved Patricia Guerrero to become California’s first Latina Supreme Court chief justice in January, a state panel has approved Kelli Evans to be the high court’s first openly lesbian justice.  Read more...

The Associated Press



According to NBC News, a record 678 LGBTQ candidates were on the ballot, with more than 340 winning their elections so far. It was also the first time in US history that an LGBTQ candidate was on the ballot in all 50 states.  Read more...


11th November 2022 - Swiss FA stands up to Qatar’s horrendous LGBTQ+ laws in World Cup video

The Swiss FA has included a clip of a gay couple holding hands in a video announcing its squad ahead of the Qatar World Cup, seemingly in defiance of the country’s horrendous anti-LGBTQ+ laws.  Read more...

Swiss FA shows gay couple holding hands in promotional squad announcement video ahead of the Qatar World Cup


11th November 2022 - 1946: mistranslation birthed modern Christian homophobia

Not only did the word homosexual first appear in the Bible in 1946. It happened in error, and the committee responsible knew of their error.  Read more...

1946 mistranslation bible


11th November 2022- Black Panther 2 Will Likely Be Banned in China Due to Lesbian Relationship

Chinese censors are rumoured to be in the process of banning screenings of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, likely because of the movie’s brief depiction of a gay relationship.  Read more...

Black Panther 2 Will Likely Be Banned in China Due to Lesbian Relationship



Massachusetts  Attorney General Maura Healey made history on Wednesday as the state’s first woman governor and the country’s first out lesbian governor.  Read more...



Just.Equal Australia and Intersex Human Rights Australia have welcomed the federal Labor Government’s commitment to better discrimination protection for people with sex variations.  Read more...


9th November 2022 - History Made: More LGBTQ+ People Elected to Congress Than Ever Before

Washington, DC – Today, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) — the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ+) civil rights organization — hailed the victory of at least 10 pro-equality, openly LGBTQ+ members of the House of Representatives Equality Caucus, a record.  Read more...


8th November 2022 - Bishop rebels against Anglican church by coming out in support of marriage equality

The Church of England, also known as the Anglican Communion, forbids its ministers from performing or blessing same-sex marriages. In 1998, the church reaffirmed its commitment to Biblical teachings rejecting “homosexual practice as incompatible with scripture” and upheld “faithfulness in marriage between a man and a woman in lifelong union.”  Read more...

same-sex marriage, church of england, bishop steven croft


8th November 2022 - [email protected] bill passes House of Representatives

The federal government has introduced new legislation to parliament that will make employers responsible for preventing sexual harassment in their workplace.  Read more...



7th November 2022 - Religious right roadmap to Liberal Party control revealed as internal ructions over church groups increase

A roadmap outlining how the religious right can "infiltrate" the Liberal Party with "Good Godly" candidates has been linked to a controversial former Liberal candidate and current member of the party's state assembly in Victoria.  Read more...

Liberal candidate Peter Killin, wearing a white shirt and looking at the camera.


7th November 2022 - How a GOP Congress Could Roll Back Freedoms Nationwide

USA - The rights reversal taking place in conservative states is just the beginning.  Read more...

An illustration of an elephant balancing on top of a ball connected to a chain and shackle



Australia has launched a historic inquiry into its anti-discrimination protections for LGBTQI students and staff in faith-based schools.  Read more...


6th November 2022 - ACL welcome Dutton’s promise to “fight radical gender theory”

The Australian Christian Lobby has welcomed Liber leader Peter Dutton’s promise to reform Australia’s education system and remove “radical gender theory” from schools.  Read more...


6th November 2022 - Gerald Bostock finally handed settlement after SCOTUS win that changed LGBTQ+ rights forever

Gerald Bostock, who helped secure employment protections for queer people across America in a landmark Supreme Court case, has finally received his settlement.  Read more...

Gerald Bostock speaks to demonstrators in favour of LGBT rights rally outside the US Supreme Court in Washington, DC, October 8, 2019


6th November 2022 - Forum on ending conversion therapy practices to be held in Hobart

A forum on ending the harmful practice of LGBTIQA+ conversion, suppression and change practices will be held at Tasmania’s parliament later this week.  Read more...


6th November 2022 - Australian Jewish group is concerned about homophobia in new Israeli government

The Executive Council of Australian Jewry have congratulated incoming Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his election win but have also voiced concern about homophobic elements within the coalition he may lead.  Read more...


5th November 2022 - Happy Birthday to Minister for Foreign Affairs Penny Wong

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to the Leader of the Government in the Senate and Minister for Foreign Affairs Penny Wong, born November 5, 1968.  Read more...

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5th November 2022 - The Toxic Lesbian Conductor at the Heart of Tár Could Be Cate Blanchett’s Best Role Yet

Few things unite queer filmgoers quite like our love of Cate Blanchett. The Carol star’s captivating onscreen presence borders on bewitching, especially when she’s bringing complex lesbian characters to life. But her performance in Todd Field’s Tár may be her most mesmerizing to date — and one of her most complex. Read more...

The Toxic Lesbian Conductor at the Heart of ‘Tár’ Could Be Cate Blanchett’s Best Role Yet



As much as Pride has lost its meaning as an event, it’s always so cool to see queer people as expressive as they are when they’re afforded safe public spaces.  Read more...

Johannesburg Pride 2022. Picture: Devon Thomas/Eyewitness News



Premier Peter Malinauskas-led Labor government on Thursday set up South Australia’s LGBTQI Advisory Council ahead of Adelaide Pride. The council to be headed by Minister for Human Services Nat Cook will directly engage with the community on its issues. Read more...



Deputy Liberal leader David Southwick has given a personal “iron-clad guarantee” that the LGBTQI community would be protected from discrimination when a future Coalition government makes changes to theVictoria’s newly-enacted Equal Opportunity laws. Read more...


4th November 2022 - ‘Like a second coming out’: Izzy Hodgson on being a queer footballer

Adelaide United’s team captain Izzy Hodgson discusses the important legacy of queer women in football in the wake of Josh Cavallo’s one-year anniversary of his own viral coming-out video.  Read more...

Izzy Hodgson captain of Adelaide United


4th November 2022 - Newly ascendant anti-LGBT MK says he will seek to ban Jerusalem Pride Parade

Noam head Avi Maoz looking for way to outlaw annual march he deems offensive, also plans to roll back ban on debunked gay conversion therapy.  Read more...

Thousands of people take part in the annual Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem, June 3, 2021. (Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90)


4th November 2022 - Bishop of Oxford breaks ranks and calls on Church of England to allow same-sex marriage

The Bishop of Oxford has become the highest-ranking member of the Church of England to call for an end to a ban on same-sex marriage.  Read more...

Bishop of Oxford apologises for church's history on LGBTQ+ issues, calls for Church of England to approve gay marriage


4th November 2022 - Great to see members of the Hobart Hurricanes talking about what Pride means to them.


3rd November 2022 - Christian preacher says he uses anti-gay slurs to teach “a perfect hatred” of LGBTQ people

Brother Tanner Furrh of the Stedfast Baptist Church in Watauga, Texas explained in a sermon why he uses anti-LGBTQ slurs instead of just saying that gay people are condemned to hell.  Read more...
Tanner Furrh

2nd November 2022 - Tunisia: A high court says anti-gay law is unconstitutional

A high court in Tunisia has issued an opinion that the country’s anti-homosexuality law is unconstitutionalRead more...

1st November 2022 - Qatar's first openly gay man has a message for football fans ahead of the FIFA World Cup

Nas Mohamed left Qatar to escape persecution based on his sexuality. Now, he's speaking out.  Read more...
Nas Mohamed

29th October 2022 - Ghana: Anti-LGBT Bill will be passed before 2024 elections

The Bill prescribes that people of the same sex who engage in sexual activity could spend up to 10 years in jail.  Read more...

28th October 2022 - Kenya passes landmark law to recognize and protect intersex people

With the enactment of a law protecting intersex children, Kenya has become the first African country to grant official recognition to intersex people as a third gender. Starting in July 2022, they are eligible for an ‘I’ gender marker on their identity cards.  Read more...


28th October 2022 - Major parties slammed for rejecting Greens LGBTIQ+ proposal

Federal Labor and the Coalition have again voted down a Greens proposal to appoint an LGBTIQA+ Human Rights Commissioner to the Australian Human Rights Commission.  Read more...

27th October 2022 - Labor votes with LNP, One Nation against LGBTIQA+ Human Rights Commissioner

Today, the Labor Party teamed up with the LNP and One Nation to vote down the Greens’ Senate amendment to establish an LGBQTIA+ Human Rights Commissioner. Read more...


Just.Equal Australia has been one of the key organisations lobbying for this critical reform. But we’re not there yet. The Government’s legislation must be improved to ensure all people with innate variations of sex characteristics are protected from workplace discrimination. Read more...

27th October 2022 - Labor and Liberals sink LGBTIQA+ Commissioner, but advocates vow to fight on

Labor and the Liberals united today to block the appointment of an LGBTIQA+ Human Rights Commissioner. They argued the Australian Human Rights Commission already deals with LGBTIQA+ issues. But the AHRC has no current LGBTIQA+ projects and hasn’t made a public statement on our rights since October last year. Just.Equal will keep fighting for this important appointment.  Read more...


Just.Equal Australia has welcomed the Federal Government’s move to protect trans, gender diverse and intersex Australians from workplace discrimination. We have been lobbying for this for three years. But the proposal is not fully inclusive of all people with innate variations of sex characteristics and must be improved. Read more...

26TH October 2022 - Wins for LGBTIQ health and HIV prevention in federal budget

Australia’s peak LGBTIQ+ health bodies have welcomed funding in the federal budget for LGBTIQ+ health services and renewing the fight against HIV transmission in Australia.  Read more...
Albanese government treasurer Jim Chalmers delivers first federal Budget in parliament

22nd October 2022 - Anglican church apologises to married couple given ultimatum over their same-sex relationship

Peter Sanders and Peter Grace were told to break up and live a life of celibacy, or leave their roles at Armidale St Mary’s Anglican Church. A married couple who were caught in the Armidale Anglican diocese’s evangelical stance on same-sex relationships have received a rare apology from the church, albeit one the couple are “disappointed” with.  Read more...
Peter Sanders and Peter Grace have received an apology for the hurt caused. “What we’ve done has made the church realise that you cannot be a bully.”

21st October 2022 - Catholic archbishop backs Victorian Liberals’ proposed religious discrimination changes

Victoria’s most senior Catholic has backed the Coalition’s proposal to amend the Equal Opportunity Act to allow religious schools to hire staff on the basis of faith, despite opposition from the state’s peak multicultural organisation and a leading Jewish group. Read more...
Peter Comensoli seated in a church, wearing a mitre

19th October 2022 - Victoria’s opposition commits to changing law to allow religious schools to hire based on faith

Victoria’s opposition leader, Matthew Guy, has committed the Coalition to amending the Equal Opportunity Act to give faith-based schools protection to hire staff who share their values and beliefs if it wins government in November.  Read more...Matthew Guy with hands clasped

17th October 2022- LGBTQ+ youth twice as likely to experience hate speech online, study finds

Young LGBTQ+ people are more than twice as likely to experience hate speech online compared with their heterosexual peers, a new report on internet usage has revealed.  Read more...

16th October 2022 - Just Equal's Rodney Croome, responding to a baseless moral panic and highlighting a glaring double-standard in today’s Launceston Examiner.

May be an image of text

14th October 2022 - Victoria’s 208 LGBTQ+ suicides to be outlined for the first time in new report

Exclusive: Coroner suspects ‘undercount’ as a decade of suicide data is released to the public. Read more...
The coroner’s court of Victoria identified 208 deaths by suicide – recorded between 2012 and 2021 – of people who are LGBTQ+.

13th October 2022 - Report projects major growth in LGBTQ voters in coming decades

“It is safe to assume that LGBTQ+ Americans are, and will increasingly continue to be, an important voting bloc in American elections,” the report says.  Read more...
A man waves a rainbow pride flag near the Supreme Court.

8th October 2022 - HAPPY INTERNATIONAL LESBIAN DAY! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

May be a cartoon of one or more people and text that says "INTERNATIONAL LESBIAN DAY OCTOBER 8 Q"

7th October 2022 - One Nation's Mark Latham said just 0.17 per cent of Australians are transgender. 

This week, CheckMate tests Mark Latham's maths on the number of transgender people in Australia.Posting to Facebook late last month, One Nation's Mark Latham posed a question: How many transgender people were there in Australia?The former Labor leader then provided an answer.  Read more...
Mark Latham stands behind a microphone. There are two Australian flags behind him.

6th October 2022 - Serbia Banning EuroPride 2022 Shows Hard-Won Progress For LGBTQ+ Rights Is Under Threat

Four days before the streets of Belgrade were to host EuroPride 2022, LGBTQ+ activists were handed a letter from Serbia’s interior ministry informing them that the proposed route for the Pride march had been rejected and telling them to submit a revised route.  Read more...

6th October 2022 -Crossbench MP says WA LGBTIQA+ law reform does not go far enough

Upper House MP, Dr Brian Walker, says the recommendations from WA Law Reform Commission to update the state’s Equal Opportunity Act don’t go far enough.  Read more...

6th October 2022 - JEA representatives meet Stephen Bates MP at launch of PFLAG Australia

Just.Equal Australia's researcher, Dr Sharon Dane and secretary, Elaine Crump (left photo), mingled with community representatives at the official launch of PFLAG Australia.  Director and National Spokesperson for PFLAG Australia, Jane Hopkins (right photo) launched the new group, amalgamated from state groups, at Brisbane's Powerhouse Museum.

1st October 2022 - OPINION | Tainted blood: Canada shows the way on gay blood donation

The Red Cross has a new rationale for blocking gay blood donation, and it’s just as bad as the rest.  Read more...

27th September 2022 - The Last Census, And The Next

Census information on non-binary sex did not yield useful information.  The ABS hopes to do better next time.  Read more...

23rd September 2022 - Queensland Police Service to make historic apology to LGBTIQ+ community

The Queensland Police Service has committed to issuing a formal apology to the LGBTIQ+ community for historic enforcement of discriminatory laws in the state.  It comes after police were asked not to wear their uniforms again if attending this weekend's Brisbane Pride Festival March and Rally on Saturday.  Read more...
A pride flag is raised

23rd September 2022 -  Petition urges further protections in overhaul of Equal Opportunity Act

Local LGBTQIA+ advocacy group Rainbow Futures WA have welcomed the news that the McGowan Government will be overhauling the state’s Equal Opportunity Act, but say more can be done to bring us in line with the east coast on LGBTQIA+ protections.  Read more..

23rd September 2022 - Art teacher quits after students called him anti-gay slurs

In 2019, shortly after earning his teaching credential, Jake Gless, 42, joined the faculty at Lakewood Public Schools in Michigan as a middle-school art teacher. Two years later, after being harassed by his very own students and lacking support from school administrators, he was out.  Read more..

21st September 2022 - Why this 16-metre-wide rainbow dress is on display on Sydney

A giant, colourful dress made from the flags of the 71 countries where it remains illegal to be LGBTIQ+ has come to Australia ahead of Sydney WorldPride this summer. Read more...
Actor Suzy Wrong models Amsterdam Rainbow Dress made of 71 flags in Sydney Harbour.

21st September 2022 - Teachers’ union, transgender centre rejected by Sydney Mardi Gras parade

The NSW teachers’ union and the state’s largest transgender service centre say they are disappointed and dismayed after being excluded from next year’s Sydney Mardi Gras parade, as organisers claim there was simply no room owing to high demand.  Read more...
The ANZ float at Sydney Mardi Gras in 2017.


A gay Republican George Santos is currently running to represent New York’s 3rd congressional district. Santos’ opponent gay Democrat Robert Zimmerman has dubbed him “more extreme than most Republicans are, and dangerously divisive and radical” and not without reason. Read more...

16th September 2022 - ‘Kaison has two mums’: discrimination complaint lodged over lack of census questions on sexuality

Newcastle parent April Long says it was shocking to discover 2021 census asked where their child’s ‘mother and father’ were born.  Read more..
.Rainbow at Coogee beach

13th September 2022 - NSW Labor MP raises concerns over puberty-blocking treatment at Newcastle clinic for trans and gender diverse children

The New South Wales Health Minister says he will seek advice on processes at a gender clinic in Newcastle after a budget hearing was told it may be putting children on puberty-blocking medication too quickly. Read more...An older brick house that is used as a medical clinic on a suburban street beneath a cloudy sky.

13th September 2022 - Homosexuality wasn't decriminalised in Queensland until 1991, but the state has a long and rich queer history

Late at night on the banks of the Brisbane River, two young men settled on a spot between a Moreton Bay fig and a fence.It was 1968. The teens had nowhere else to go and thought nobody could see them.The liaison was short lived. A harsh light ripped away the darkness like a bed sheet. It was a policeman's torch."They thought we were trying to break into the milk factory," Bill Rutkin says with a chuckle."When they worked out we were both gay men and probably about to commit an offence, they just gave us a good thumping and told us to go and see a psychiatrist."  Read more...
Queensland gay rights advocate Bill Rutkin, as a younger man

12 September 2022 - ‘I no longer question who I am’: they’re rural, trans and staying put

When trans woman Zara Jones came out after living in Bendigo for a decade – and lost friends and a support network as a result – she quickly realised the critical need to support trans, gender-diverse and non-binary (TGDNB) residents in rural Victoria. Read more...
Eli, Zara Jones and Angelique Whitehouse

9th September 2022 - From Princess Diana to Prince Harry, here are 9 times the royal family showed support for the LGBTQ community

It may be interesting at this time, to reflect back on the support the Royal Family has shown the LGbTIQA+ community.  Read more...
queen elizabeth state opening of parliament

8th September 2022 - Australian Doctor apologises for harmful medical treatment of intersex children

A leading expert in sex development and gender dysphoria has made the first public apology by a medical doctor in Australia for harmful medical treatments imposed on children with intersex variations.  Read more...

8th September 2022 - Peppa Pig introduces same-sex couple as Penny Polar Bear's two mummies

UK children's show Peppa Pig has introduced a same-sex parent family for the first time in it's 18-year history.  Read more...
A child cartoon polar bear and two adult, female cartoon polar bears sit at a kitchen table and eat spaghetti from a pot.

6th September 2022 - How Targeting LGBTQ+ Rights Are Part of the Authoritarian Playbook

In the last three decades, protections for LGBT people’s rights have advanced rapidly in many countries and regions. However, rising populist authoritarianism poses a significant threat to this progress because abolishing sexual freedom is often at the heart of repressive political projects. Read more...
Flags of the LGTBIQ community raise and wave as people gather to protest and celebrate the International Pride Day celebrations in Cali, Colombia, July 4, 2021. 

6th September 2022 -   JEA's Petition is presented to the Senate

Today Ivan Hinton-Teoh OAM, presented our petition calling for an LGBTIQA+ Human Rights Commissioner to Senator David Shoebridge and Stephen Bates - Greens for Brisbane. David and Stephen are championing the issue in Parliament.
A big thank you to everyone who signed!
Debate on whether Australia should have such a Commissioner at the Australian Human Rights Commission (alongside existing commissioners for racial minorities, women, people with disability, older and younger people and First Nations people) will take place in the Senate either this afternoon or tomorrow. Stay tuned!

6th September 2022 - JEA's Petition on it's way to Parliament

Ivan Hinton-Teoh OAM is heading up to Parliament House to present Just.Equal Australia’s petition calling for an LGBTIQA+ Human Rights Commissioner. The rainbow ribbon is a lovely touch. The debate on whether Australia should have such a Commissioner will be later today or tomorrow.
There shouldn't be a debate. We are the only group identified in the four main federal anti-discrimination laws without representation. We have needed that representation for years.
We need it today, we don't need delay.


4th September 2022 - Parenting a trans teen in rural Australia has enriched our lives in ways I never could have imagined

Being trans was not something Milo wanted special attention for, but in a regional town it wasn’t something he could hide.  Read more...
Sarah Michell on her son Milo Michell: ‘It has been challenging watching him launch into the wider world.’

3rd September 2022 - Australia Needs an LGBTIQA+ Human Rights Commissioner

Alastair Lawrie explains in careful detail why Australia needs an LGBTIQA+ Human Rights Commissioner. The issue will be debated in the Senate this week.
Please sign and share the petition asap:

3rd September 2022 - ‘Please lean in with a bit of empathy’: it’s not easy being trans in rural Australia

Attitudes to TGDNB people may be improving but the lack of dedicated health services is a big problem in the bush.  Read more...

Dr Rachel Richardson

Much has changed to improve the lives of  queer young people, but many still suffer discrimination that can become life-threatening without stronger support from educators and health professionals. By Jacob Thomas. Read more...Activist for queer, trans and gender-diverse kids Jacob Thomas.

1st September 2022 - Bid to change Queensland law that allows religious schools to discriminate against gay teachers

Under proposed changes, only school staff involved in direct teaching of religion could be subject to different rules.  Read more...
LGBTQI+ flags can be seen in a general view of Citipointe Christian College in Brisbane


Just.Equal Australia has called on the federal government to include LGBTIQA+ community organisations or representatives in its Jobs and Skills Summit following their conspicuous omission from the list of attendees. 
Just.Equal spokesperson, Rodney Croome, said, “Attendees at the Summit will include representatives of Indigenous people, young people, people with disability, women, single mothers, older people but conspicuously not LGBTIQA+ people. This is despite the fact we face higher than average rates of workplace discrimination and have fewer workplace protections than other Australians.”
And see who's invited to the summit here

Treasurer Jim Chalmers


30th August 2022 - Queer Afghans have been forgotten and queer people worldwide continue to be ignored

One year since the fall of Kabul, Micro Rainbow reflects on the hostile environment faced by LGBTQ+ Afghans and the charity’s plan to ensure that “love and unity prevail over fear and divisions”. Read more...


29TH AUGUST 2022 - Trudeau announces launch of $100M plan to fight 2SLGBTQ+ discrimination, increase inclusion

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Sunday the launch of a $100 million plan to combat discrimination and increase inclusion for 2SLGBTQ+ Canadians. Trudeau made the announcement alongside Women and Gender Quality and Youth Minister Marci Ien, who said the majority of the money would go toward community organizations, with $8 million going toward data collection, another $5.6 million spent on building an awareness campaign and $11.7 million going toward the 2SLGBTQ+ Secretariat.  Read more...


28th August 2022 - WA Nationals call for change to blood donation rules

The Let Us Give campaign has applauded the West Australian National Party for supporting an end to the current gay blood ban. On Saturday at the WA Nationals state convention, the WA Young Nationals proposed the following motion that was passed with overwhelming support: “That this State Convention of the Nationals WA calls on the National Blood Authority and Red Cross Lifeblood to review policies around blood donation to make them less discriminatory to LGBTIQ+ community members and increase the number of potential blood donors.”  Read more...


28th August 2022 - The Jobs and Skills Summit and LGBTIQ Australians Part 2

LGBTIQA+ anti-discrimination advocate, Alastair Lawrie, has written to the ACTU and Business Council of Australia urging them to raise LGBTIQA+ workplace issues at the upcoming Jobs and Skills Summit. So has Just.Equal Australia. Read more...


26th August 2022 - We need more than purple prose:

Wear It Purple Day is a grass-roots initiative from young LGBTQI+ activists that aims to celebrate diversity, to commemorate the years of queer rights activism as well as raise awareness of the struggles queer folks have had to face here in Australia. Over the years it has shifted from negative mental health impacts and self-harm prevention to also celebrate rainbow young people and pride.  Read more...

Plan International_Represent Us-020


25th August 2022 - Government urged to include 'overlooked' LGBTQIA+ community in upcoming summit

Advocacy group Just.Equal Australia has called out the government after it "overlooked" the LGBTQIA+ on the Summit Issues Paper of the upcoming Jobs and Skills Summit, encouraging them to also address the issues faced by the community.  Read more...

Government urged to include 'overlooked' LGBTQIA+ community in upcoming summit


25th August 2022 -Home Office has sent 3,000 queer refugees back to violent anti-LGBTQ+ countries, new data reveals

The Tory government has been accused of “failing to stand up” for the LGBTQ+ community as it emerged that the Home Office granted fewer than 700 LGB asylum claims in 2021.  Read more...

A boat of asylum seekers try to gain entry to the Uk via the English Channel


25th August 2022 - Jim Chalmers says LGBTIQA+ employment is on the agenda

"Treasurer Jim Chalmers has told OUTinPerth that the government’s upcoming jobs and skills summit will include consideration of the unique challenges some people in the LGBTIQA+ communities face." Read more,,,

Jim Chalmers


24th August 2022 - Muslim scholars urge Indonesia to look the other way as Singapore, Vietnam ease anti-gay laws

  • Indonesian Ulema Council chairman says LGBT community is ‘condemned’ by all six state-recognised religions, even though homosexuality is not illegal in country
  • Discourse on LGBT rights highlights ‘generation gap’ that could complicate Indonesia’s acceptance towards marginalised sexual communities, observers say

See more...

A group of Muslim protesters march with banners against the LGBT community in Banda Aceh, Indonesia in 2017. Photo: AFP


24th August 2022 - Hungary’s Anti-LGBT Laws Create A Threatening Environment For Human Rights

"In June 2021, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the National Assembly passed a legislation by 157 votes to one, banning the depiction or promotion of LGBT-related material to individuals under 18. In particular, the law prohibits material that promotes homosexuality or sex reassignment through TV shows and films featuring gay characters, educational programs, and visual material such as rainbow flags."  Read more...



24th August 2022 - Religious schools in WA can sack a teacher if they are LGBTIQ+. Proposed laws aim to prevent this

"Coming out as gay can be a mentally and emotionally challenging time, but for Perth man Craig Campbell, it was made more difficult when he lost his job because of his sexuality." Read more...

A man writing on a chalk board.


23rd August 2022 - Biased Science in Texas & Alabama

"The best scientific evidence shows that gender dysphoria is real, that untreated gender dysphoria leads predictably to serious, negative medical consequences, and that gender-affirming care significantly improves mental health outcomes, including reducing rates of suicide."  Read more...




24th August 2022 - Vietnam says being gay is ‘not a disease’

The nation’s ministry of health said in an official document released in August that being LGBTQ+ is “entirely not an illness” and “cannot be ‘cured’ nor need[s] to be ‘cured’ and cannot be converted in any way”. Read more...

A crowd of people holding rainbow coloured items walk through a LGBTQ+ Pride parade in Vietnam


23rd August 2022 - Albanese government must not snub LGBTIQA+ issues at Jobs Summit

“It’s very disappointing that the Government has so far overlooked the fact that LGBTIQA+ people face higher levels of employment and workplace discrimination and harassment than other Australians.” - Rodney Croome for Just.Equal Australia. Read more...
anthony albanese prime minister jobs and skill summit jobs summit lgbtiqa discrimination transgender


22nd August 2022 - The Jobs and Skills Summit and LGBTIQ Australians Part 1

The Govenrment’s Jobs and Skills summit addresses issues faced by women, First Nations people, people with disability, older Australians, migrants and refugees, and those living in regional and remote areas. But not LGBTIQA+ people. We aren’t mentioned despite experiencing high evens of workplace discrimination. In this article, Alastair Lawrie looks at two key areas for our community: the failure of the Fair Work Act to explicitly protect trans, gender diverse and intersex people from discrimination, and the failure of federal and some state laws to protect LGBTIQA+ employees from discrimination by faith-based schools and services.  Read more...

19th August 2022 - Just Equal Welcomes WA Reforms:  Calls to go Further

It’s very welcome that, based on a WA Law Reform Commission’s report, the WA Government will update the state’s Equal Opportunity Act to better protect LGBTIQA+ people from discrimination. WA has fallen way behind the other states and it’s high time to catch up.
But let’s be clear about two things:
1. The WA Law Reform Commission’s recommendations are not “gold standard” as some folk claim. There are still some problems that need to be addressed.
2. Many people were involved in getting WA this far, especially people like Brian Greig and Maxine Drake who have been advocating for these reforms for many years and actually secured the Commission’s inquiry.
To make change we need to understand how change actually occurs and what the standard is we’re aiming for.
For more about the problems and how to deal with them See Just.Equal Australia's media release :

4th August 2022 - 'Pretend integrity': Greens blast Labor's human rights bill - The Advocate

The Greens tried again to establish an LGBTIQA+ Human Rights Commissioner, this time with an amendment in the Senate, and again the major parties knocked the initiative off. Just.Equal Australia has written to Attorney-General, Mark Dreyfus, reminding him that he and Labor promised such a Commissioner in 2016. We’ve asked him to clarify when that promise will be fulfilled.
Just.Equal writing to Mark Dreyfus:
Just.Equal Media Release - disappointment the Green’s amendment failed:

3rd August 2022 - ‘Overdue’: Labor rejects Greens LGBTIQ+ amendment

“The absence of an LGBTIQA+ Human Rights Commissioner sends the message that discrimination against us matters less.” - Brian Greig

3rd August 2022 - Greens' proposal to appoint an LCBTIQA+ Human Rights Commisioner voted down.

Today the Labor Government and the Coalition Opposition voted down a Greens’ proposal to appoint an LGBTIQA+ Human Rights Commissioner. The proposal had been put to the Greens and cross bench by Just.Equal Australia. Thanks to the Greens and crossbenchers for voting for it. The Government’s excuse was that the Australian Human Rights Commission bill being debated was the wrong vehicle, begging the question, when will it introduce a bill that is the right vehicle? The vote against the proposal is pictured below.
Just.Equal MR here…

1st August 2022 - Plibersek voices support for changing the rules around blood donation

“We welcome Tanya Plibersek’s support for a review and call on the Labor Government to follow her lead.” - Let Us Give spokesperson, Andrew Badcock

1st August 2022 - Calls for the appointment of an LGBTIQA+ Human Rights Commissioner

“At a time when there are increasing attacks on the rights and dignity of LGBTIQA+ Australians it is more important than ever for there to be a Commissioner who has the time, resources and expertise to defend our human rights.” - Brian Greig

31st July 2022 - Where's Our Human Rights Commissioner?

The new Federal Government has tabled a bill to ensure more transparency in the appointment of commissioners at the Australian Human Rights Commission. That’s great, but it should also include the appointment of an LGBTIQA+ Human Rights Commissioner. Just.Equal Australia has written to all supportive minor parties and cross benches asking them to get behind this overdue initiative. For more:

28th July 2022 - Tanya Plibersek supports review of the current Red Cross Lifeblood ban

Great to see Tanya Plibersek supporting a review of the current Red Cross Lifeblood ban on blood donation from gay men, and bisexual men, trans women and some non-binary people who have sex with men.

26th July 2022 - Lifting of mad cow ban reignites calls to allow gay men to give blood

“There isn't any clinical or scientific basis for the ban on gay blood.” - Rodney Croome

25th July 2022 - Australians In The UK during Mad Cow Can Now Donate Blood

From today, Australians in the UK during Mad Cow can give blood. Lifting that old ban is welcome because it means a new source of safe blood for those in need. For the same reason, it's time to lift the ban on blood donation by gay men, and bisexual men, trans women and some non-binary people who have sex with men. #letusgive
Media Release:
End of 22-year 'mad cow' ban means more people can donate blood in Australia from today

23rd July 2022 - Who is Labour Afraid Of?

Sally Goldner told Guardian Australia, LGBTQIA+ people had been “hoping for positive change under a federal Labor government”. “We haven’t seen anything two months after their election.”
From fudging over abortion access to “birthing parent” backdowns, who is Labor afraid of?

21st July 2022 - Bill Shorten to Remove 'Birthing Parent'. from medical forms

‘Sally Goldner called for an “urgent meeting” to discuss trans people’s concerns, including the need for uniform standards on recognising gender identity, and to reform Medicare to provide equitable access to healthcare including surgery and hormones.’ - the Guardian
Bill Shorten intervenes to remove ‘birthing parent’ from medical forms amid criticism in Daily Telegraph
Decision to stop trial of trans-inclusive language

18th July 2022 - Share Your Story About Not Being Able to Donate Blood

Do you have a story to share about not being able to donate blood? Contact us so we can show the human face of the current ban on donation from gay men, and bisexual men, trans women and some non-binary people who have sex with men: [email protected]

July 16th 2022 - Help Remove the Current Blood Ban.

Are you able to help us remove the current gay, bi and trans blood ban?
Calling people of all ages and backgrounds who live in Sydney and who identify as gay men, bisexual men, trans women and non-binary people who have sex with men. We need you to take part in a series of short clips to spread awareness of the Red Cross Lifeblood’s current block on blood donations from people of the above communities.
The videos will be posted on social media to spread awareness and encourage people to campaign alongside us.
For more information contact us on 0451 124 501 or [email protected]
For more information about our campaign and to sign our petition, check out

July 12th 2022 - Just.Equal Calls For End to Sacking of LGBTIQA+ Teachers in WA

“As Opposition Leader, Mr McGowan said the state law which allowed this discrimination ‘was wrong and should be changed’, however, as Premier he has done nothing to remedy this.” - Brian Greig

Just.Equal calls for end to sacking of LGBTIQA+ teachers in WA

July 5th 2022 - Australia's Lifeblood Weighing Rule Change for Gay Plasma Donation

“Lifting the current ban on plasma donation by gay and bisexual men, and trans women and some non binary people who have sex with men, will not solve the problem of Australia’s dangerously low supplies of whole blood.” - Thomas Buxereau from Let Us Give

Australia's Lifeblood Weighing Rule Change for Gay Plasma Donation

July 4th 2022 - Lifeblood Move to Lift Donor Constraints

Allowing gay men to give plasma won't make any difference to the shortage of whole blood Australia is experiencing. Quarantined gay plasma donation was abandoned in other countries like Israel and Canada because it didn't work. Instead, they rapidly moved on to assessing all donors for their individual risk, which is what Australia should do too. A news report about gay plasma donation attached. The response from the Let Us Give campaign here: 

30th June 2022 - ABS Under Fire Over 'non-binary' Census Question

“My fear is that the number of people who ticked ‘non-binary’ will be very low and this will be weaponised by opponents of transgender equality and inclusion.” - Rodney CROOME

29th June 2022 - Quinns Baptist College Refuses Student's New Name

“This form of discrimination could not happen in some other jurisdictions. It highlights the need for the McGowan Government to reform this area of law. They’ve been in government now for more than six years, and we haven’t even seen draft legislation on a range of LGBTI issues which are long overdue.” - Brian Greig

20th June 2022 - FINA Trans Decision Slammed

Sally Goldner comments on the decision of world swimming federation, FINA, to ban trans women from elite-level womens swimming.

Read more here:

June 17th 2022 - Let Them Give

Let them give: Campaign calls to allow gay men to donate blood
"The same questions should be asked of everyone."

17th June 2022 - Thank You Janet Rice

Thank you, Janet Rice, for all you have done as the Greens’ LGBTIQA+ spokesperson. Just.Equal Australia welcomes Stephen Bates to the role.

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16th June 2022 - Joe Wants to Donate

Joe wants to donate blood. He can't because of his sexuality

Canada, France, Greece, Lithuania and Austria have all removed restrictions on gay and bisexual men donating blood this year. On World Blood Donor Day there are renewed calls for Australia to do the same.

“People like myself who are very safe and take our sexual health very seriously would be willing to give blood, but because that blanket rule is there, I’m not able to.” - Joe Staniszewski

16th June 2022 - 'Let Us Give' Campaigner Thomas Buxereau on blood donation

It’s great to see the Australian media covering this critical issue.
Watch Let Us Give campaign advocate Thomas Buxereau as a guest on Channel 10’s Studio 10 last Tuesday, discussing our campaign goals, why we are asking to move to individual risk based assessment and how this can lead to a lot more safe blood being collected.
To learn more about Let Us Give:

15th June 2022 - Dr Sharon Dane Explains the Science Behind Dropping the Gay, bi, and Trans Blood Ban.

Watch Dr Sharon Dane from Just.Equal’s new Let Us Give campaign explain the science behind dropping the old gay, bi and trans blood ban and adopting individual risk assessment instead. Check out the video embedded in this article from the Canberra Times.
To find out more about Let Us Give:
To sign the petition:
To watch Dr Dane:

14th June 2022 - 'Let Us Give' Campaigner, Thomas Buxereau on Dropping the Archaic Ban on Blood Donation

In this article in today’s Sydney Morning Herald, to mark World Blood Donor Day, Thomas Buxereau from the new Let Us Give campaign puts a strong case for dropping the archaic ban on blood donation by gay men, and bisexual men and transgender women who have sex with men. Instead, Australia should follow the lead of Canada, Britain and France by assessing all donors for their individual risk.
To find out more about the Let Us Give campaign:
To read the World Blood Donor Day media statement:

14th June 2022 - Sign the Petition to change the Ban on Blood Donation.

On World Blood Donor Day, a big thank you to those who take the time and effort to donate. Consider how many more lives could be saved if those who are currently barred from donating because of the gender of their sexual partner, were allowed to donate. If Australia screened all donors for their individual risk there would be more safe blood for those in need and the blood supply would be less discriminatory. To find out more about the new Let Us Give campaign:
Just.Equal Australia
To see Just.Equal's media release, click here

9th June 2022 - Church Authorities May be able to Reject New Employment Applicants.

“Our fear is that while Church authorities may not be able to sack existing LGBTQA+ employees, they may still be able to reject new applicants.” - Brian Greig
AG Mark Dreyfus confirms religious discrimination legislation this term
Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus has confirmed to media that the government will introduce religious discrimination legislation this term of Parliament. Speaking on ABC's RN Breakfast with Patricia Karvelas, Dreyfus said Labor will introduce a Religious discrimination legislation this term of Parliament.

5th June 2022 - LNP's Culture War Against Inclusive Schools

Is Peter Dutton about to launch an attack on LGBTIQA+ inclusive schools? Here's how we can prepare.
Hot Button Dutton: LNP’s culture war against inclusive schools
The Federal Opposition under Peter Dutton is about to launch a full-scale anti-LGBTIQA+ culture war against school inclusion.

1st June 2022 - Just.Equal calls for Australia to abandon gay blood donor ban

“Individual risk assessment is a win/win because it removes discrimination and increases the supply of safe blood.” - Rodney Croome
An urgent appeal for more blood donations has reinvigorated debate about Australia’s blood donor policy

1st June 2022 Sign the Petition Calling on the Gvernment to Act Quickly on LGBtIQA+ Equality and Inclusion

Please sign Sally Goldner’s open letter to the new Federal Government calling on it to act quickly on LGBTIQA+ equality and inclusion.
Sign the Petition
Accelerate Australian rainbow reforms right away

31st May 2022 - Call On Albanese to Appoint Equality Minister

“A Federal Equality Minister would ensure a voice for the LGBTIQA+ community at the centre of government. It would also show LGBTIQA+ Australians that we are valued citizens again after many years of our rights being eroded and undermined." - Sally Goldner

31st May 2022 - Advocates Calling for Change to Blood Donation Laws as Stocks Plummet

"I am quite happy to roll up my sleeve today and donate blood, but under the current Red Cross policy, I can't do that." - Benjamin Dudman


Gay men can't donate blood in Australia, but advocates are calling for that to change as stocks plummet

31st May 2022 - Individual Risk Assessment Would Make the Blood Supply Safer

“Individual risk assessment would also make the blood supply safer because it would pick up heterosexual people who are at high risk. This is particularly important at a time when rates of HIV among heterosexual Australians is increasing." - Rodney Croome

31st May 2022 - ACT Drafts Australian-first Legislation to Stop Deferrable Surgical Interventions on iIntersex Children

Congratulations Cody Smith, and other intersex advocates, for all your hard, persistent work. This is a major step forward and one that is so very overdue.
Cody is intersex and hopes a draft Australian-first legislation will eventually protect others born like them

30th May 2022 - LGBTQ Domestic Violence Awareness Day: Survivor shares her story

Check out this compelling article about LGBTIQA+ family violence.
LGBTQ Domestic Violence Awareness Day: Survivor shares her story
LGBTQ Domestic Violence Awareness Day highlights domestic, family and intimate partner violence.

28th May 2022 - Why The Election Has Unlocked The Door To Real LGBTIQA+ Change

“Is this the end of the resurgent prejudice that arose as a backlash to marriage equality and has plagued LGBTIQA+ Australians for seven years?” Check out the answer to that question in this post-election analysis.
Why the election has unlocked the door to real LGBTIQA+ change
Scott Morrison’s Religious Licence-to-Discriminate Bill has gone. The politics of anti-trans prejudice

27TH MAY 2022 - ACT Move To End Non-Consenting Intersex MedicalIintervention

“To be treated as a medical curiosity and subjected to unconsented medical procedures produces lifelong consequences and scars. This is an injustice that has been too easily ignored for too long.” - Cody Smith
ACT move to end non-consenting intersex medical intervention
The ACT Government has released a draft bill outlining plans to end non-consenting medical interventions on intersex children.

27TH MAY 2022 - Cal lFor Other States To Follow ACT Lead On Protecting Intersex Children

"With legislation like this, comes the promise that the harm can end here. We just need more jurisdictions ready to protect the bodily autonomy of intersex people." - Cody Smith


26TH MAY 2022 - Sorry Day Commemorated Across The Country

Just.Equal Australia acknowledges the traditional owners of Australia.
Sorry Day commemorated across the country
Sorry Day was commemorated across the country today, recognising the historical mistreatment of Aboriginal people. The first Sorry Day was held in 1998, a year after a landmark report into the forced removal of Indigenous children from their families, was tabled in parliament. Sixteen years on, there are fresh concerns over the removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families..

24TH MAY 2022 - Both Major Parties Ignored the LGBTIQA+ Vote.  It Cost Them Dearly!

Just.Equal Australia board member, Bill Rutkin, makes a compelling case that LGBTIQA+ voters abandoned Labor and voted Green and Teal.
Both major political parties and all the analysts steadfastly refuse to see the woods for Australia’s brightly coloured, autumnal trees.
Bill Rutkin looks at the changing pattern of the LGBTIQA+ vote in the 2022 federal election. He believes the major parties must learn lessons they assiduously avoided over the course of the last government.

23rd May 2022 - Austria to Lower Hurdles for LGBT+ Citizens to Donate Blood

Austria has joined the long list of countries that assess blood donors for their individual risk rather than banning all gay men, as well as bi men and trans women who have sex with men. Australia is being left further behind.
Just.Equal response:
Austria to lower hurdles for LGBT+ citizens to donate blood

22nd May 2022 - Just.Equal Welcomes Election Result: Opportunity to Move Forward

“The priorities identified in our LGBTIQA+ election survey will now be our blueprint for LGBTIQA+ reform under an Albanese Government.” 

Just.Equal Australia today welcomed yesterday’s election result saying Australia enjoys a unique opportunity to move forward on LGBTIQA+ human rights. 

22nd May 2022 - Just.Equal Welcomes Election Result as Unique Opportuniy to Move Rights Forward.

“The true winners in this election have been equality, inclusion and acceptance for LGBTIQA+ Australians." - Sally Goldner



20th May 2022 - Check Out How The Politicians Responded To Our Survey

Just.Equal Australia has released the results of its 2022 election survey. You’ll recall we surveyed the LGBTIQA+ community to see what it’s priorities are. We then sent the results to major parties and key candidates. Unfortunately, neither Labor nor the Liberals responded. Thank you to the Greens and independents who did respond. A wider range of parties and candidates responded to the Equality Tasmania survey. See below for the links
Just.Equal party and candidate survey:
Just.Equal community priorities survey:
Equality Tasmania party and candidate survey:

20th May 2022 - Has the Australian Electoral Map Been lying to You?

Check out this article by the ABC to find out






20th May 2022 - Will The LGBTIQ+ Vote Make a Difference in Brisbane?

If you live in the seat of Brisbane, please read this before you vote!
Will the LGBTQI vote make a difference in Brisbane?
Brisbane’s sitting member, the LNP’s Trevor Evans, a former Chief of Staff for Peter Dutton, is openly...

19th May 2022 - Planning on going overseas?  Check here first

New research has revealed which countries and destinations are the safest, and most hostile, for LGBTQI+ travellers to visit.

Travel journalists and researchers Asher and Lyric Fergusson have ranked 203 countries for the third LGBTQ+ Travel Safety Index using a range of factors including discrimination, marriage equality, morality laws and transgender murder rates.

17th May 2022 - Happy IDAHOBIT !

International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, Biphobia  and individual and organizational discrimination and violence against Intersex, Brotherboy, Sistagirl  people.  Our communities unite to recognize our real life circumstances and to honour innumerable individual and community struggles for justice, common sense, human kindness and compassion.  We acknowledge the resilience and dedication of our communities.

Today is a day for thanking our activists and our allies.

On IDAHOBIT day we consider the successes of our struggles but remain realistic about the social changes and reforms that are still desperately needed.  We acknowledge that some within LGBTIQA+ communities in Australia, and other western countries enjoy relative peace and security in contrast to those in so many other societies where constant fear, death and lack of opportunity to enjoy life is socially and legally denied and well-being is constantly threatened. 

Just Equal Australia unanimously recommits to continuing to strive towards the values and goals we hold and share with other organisations and individuals in Australia. Just Equal Australia will continue to work honestly, ethically and relentlessly with our international friends and allies.

9th May 2022 - Scott Morrison defends delaying protections for LGBTQ students as party tensions resurface

Brian Greig said Labor had “made it clear it would protect LGBTQ+ students, however, its position on teachers and other workers is unclear”.
Scott Morrison defends delaying protections for LGBTQ students as party tensions resurface

8th May 2022 - How They Voted On The Religious Discrimination Bill

Just.Equal Australia has condemned the Coalition Government for its plan to bring back the Religious Discrimination Bill. It has called for the Coalition to deliver some positive initiatives to reduce discrimination against LGBTIQ+ people instead. 

Meanwhile, the PM has said gay students aren’t being expelled from faith-based schools. That’s not true, but even if they aren't being expelled then what’s wrong with ensuing it doesn’t happen again by banning it? As for trans students, it’s obvious to everyone they are facing discrimination. But the Government seems fine with that. The attached table is a handy reminder of who voted for what during the religious discrimination debate in February.

JEA statement:
Some of the positive initiatives the Coalition could support:

5th May 2022 - Electoral Survey Results Are In

A big thank you to Dr Sharon Dane (pictured below) for her hard work on Just.Equal Australia's 2022 election priorities survey. The survey shows us what the most pressing issues are for LGBTIQA+ Australians. Now, JEA will use the results to seek commitments from all the major parties. For the top level survey results, check out this statement:

The results from the 2022 Election Survey are in and shows religious exemptions and school safety are among the top priorities.  Now, JEA will use the results to seek commitments from all the major parties.

See here for the top level results, or click on the graphic for the full report

3rd May 2022 - Morrison Promise to Re-Introduce Religious Discrimination Bill Slammed

Just.Equal is appalled by the Coalition's promise to bring back its Religious License-to-Discriminate Bill...
We want Labor to answer questions about LGBTIQ+ teachers in faith-based schools...
The Greens new 
LGBTIQ+ election policy sets a high standard, but some key issues aren't mentioned...
For all that and more check out this statement from Just.Equal Australia:

29th April 2022 - Canada Removes Ban On Blood Donations From Gay Men

A nurse helps a man give blood
Canada has lifted its gay blood ban and adopted individual risk assessment. It joins the UK, Germany and France and many other countries. To ensure more safe blood Australia must join them.
Canada removes ban on blood donations from gay men
Men who have sex with men will no longer be required to be celibate for three months before donating.

18th April 2022 - Catholic Schools Call For Religious Discrimination Law Plan

“Just.Equal is keen to know if Labor will allow discrimination by faith-based schools against the LGBTQ teachers at the point of recruitment or allow faith-based schools to disciminate against LGBTQ students on the basis of religious belief.” - Brian Greig
Catholic schools call for Religious Discrimination law plan
The National Catholic Education Commission has called on both major parties to clarify how they will bring forward federal legislation for religious discrimination.

16th Apr 2022  - LGBTIQ Lobby Joins Catholics in Albo Ultimatum

The National Catholic Education Commission has written to Labor asking about special exemptions in any future Labor Religious Discrimination Bill to allow Catholic schools to discriminate. It has set a response deadline of April 29. To keep up the pressure on Labor, and so it doesn’t throw LGBTIQ teachers or students under the election bus, Just.Equal Australia has also written, seeking a response by the same day. More here…

16th Apr 2022 - Ten Months of Transphobia

“None of this will stop until the rest of us stand up and make it stop. Trans and gender diverse Australians have been fighting this battle on their own for far too long. It’s time for cis allies, including within the LGBTIQ community, but also in the Labor Opposition, Greens, moderate Liberals, and everyday members of the community, to tell the Morrison Liberal/National Coalition that enough is enough.” - Alastair Lawrie

16th April 2022 - Greens Leader Adam Bandt Says Trans Rights are 'Non-Negotiable'

Sally Goldner from Just.Equal said there are other long overdue trans reforms and initiatives at the federal level. They include a national, funded trans mental health strategy and action plan and education campaign about trans lives to end misinformation. Australia should also adopt a uniform approach for laws and regulations regarding recording of gender, and ensure universal access to transition services for children without court intervention and the inclusion of protecti…
greens leader adam bandt transgender rights scott morrison medicare surgery
Greens leader Adam Bandt has slammed Prime Minister Scott Morrison for “punching down” on...

16th Apr 2022 - Advocates Urge Politicians to Hear Real Issues Facing Trans Folks

“We reject the constant raising of ‘faux’ culture-war issues that fail to take our interests into account and at times show blatant disregard for our health, wellbeing and lives, often in ways that promote ridicule and hatred.” - Sally Goldner on behalf of Just.Equal
LGBTQIA+ advocacy group Just.Equal Australia are calling on political leaders to debate issues 

14th Apr 2022 - Greens Call For Gender surgery to go on Medicare

Greens leader Adam Bandt says gender affirming surgery should be available through Medicare.

The AGE. Great to see some positive transgender policy commitments from the Greens. As Sally Goldner says it’s an antidote to all the anti-trans fear-mongering.

13th Apr 2022 - Australia Prime Minister Reiterates Opposition to Trans Women in Female Sports

“It’s time to recognize that there’s nothing brave about attacking trans people, but that courage instead lies in addressing the real problems we face.” - Sally Goldner for Just Equal Australia in the Washington Blade
Scott Morrison noted position ahead of May 21 general election.

11th Apr 2022 - Trans Advocates Call for Election Debate on Issues that Matter, not 'Faux' Culture Wars

Scott Morrison says people who oppose trans inclusion, like Senator Claire Chandler, are brave. As Sally Goldner says, those who are truly brave are those raising the issues that matter to trans people. Web link here:

7th Apr 2022 - Labor Called on to Answer Questions about LGBTQ+ Teachers

Labor’s position on protecting LGBTIQ+ teachers from discrimination by faith-based schools is muddled and worrying. That’s why Just.Equal Australia has written to the party asking several key questions. More here…

6th Apr 2022 - Fears and Hopes for the 2022 Federal Election

2022 Federal Election
Check out this article about the 2022 election and LGBTIQ+ Australians.
Rodney Croome spells out his hopes and fears for the 2022 Federal election. 

23rd Mar 2022 - Queer Conversation with Dr Sharon Dane

Dr Sharon Dane talks about Just.Equal Australia’s LGBTIQ+ federal election survey in this edition of LOTL’s Queer Conversation.
Queer Conversation with Dr Sharon Dane

23rd Mar 2022 - Advocates Call on Albanese to meet Trans Community

In this statement Sally Goldner calls for Anthony Albanese to meet everyday trans folk instead of throwing them under the bus to appear “not woke”.
Here’s a report on what Mr Albanese said:

22nd March 2022 - Survey Gives LGBTIQA+ Commnuities Voice On Election Prioritiies.

Thanks to LOTL for publishing this article on Just.Equal Australia's federal election survey.

The religious discrimination debate showed that neither major party is listening to the LGBTIQA+ com...

21st Mar 2022 - Teachers Asked to Sign Anit-Gay Contract

Citipointe College is in the news again, this time asking teachers to sign a contract saying they'll be sacked if they're LGBTIQ+.

Just.Equal Australia has called for the school to lose its public funding. In the words of Brian Greig: "Religious schools cannot continue to defy discrimination laws and public opinion, and expect to receive public funding."
News report...
Teachers at a controversial Christian school in Brisbane are being asked to sign employment contr...

4th Mar 2022 - Russian Post-Invasion Kill List Includes Ukrainian LGBT Citizens

Just.Equal Australia has called on the Australian Government to welcome Ukrainian LGBTIQ+ refugees after it was revealed invading Russian forces have a kill list that includes LGBTIQ+ people.

Just.Equal Australia has called on the Australian Government to welcome Ukrainian LGBTIQ+ refugees after it was revealed invading Russian forces have a kill list that includes LGBTIQ+ people.
The list also includes politicians and journalists, along with members of religious and ethnic minority groups.

6th Feb 2022 - Don't Bargain With Bigostry

Congratulations to Shelley Argent for placing this ad she placed in the Sydney Morning Herald. The message to moderate Liberals and Labor couldn’t be clearer: Don’t do dud deals on the Religious Licence-to-Discriminate Bill. Just vote this fatally-flawed Bill down!
Tell the moderate Liberals to kill the Bill:
Tell Labor to do the same:

6th Feb 2022 - Our Blood Is Safe

If you want the old discriminatory gay, bi and trans blood bans lifted and replaced by individual risk assessment for everyone, make the point every opportunity you can. Sign the petition here…

6th Feb 2022 - Reports On religious Bill Show Both Major Parties Out Of Touch

Religious discrimination bill should be passed with caveats, two inquiries recommend SBS News.

The two reports released into the Religious Discrimination Bill endorse that Bill. That is what most people expected because the two inquiries were stacked with Government members. But the bias of both reports is still pretty appalling. They misunderstand and misrepresent the law. They dismiss real life personal experiences as "hypothetical situations". They are a sham. Here's Just.Equal Australia's response:

4th Feb 2022 - 5 Things We Learned from the Senate Hearing into the Religious Discrimination Bill

Check out this great article by Alastair Lawrie highlighting the prejudice and ignorance propelling the Religious Licence-to-Discriminate Bill.
Tell the moderate Liberals to kill the Bill here:
Tell Labor to kill the Bill here:

3rd Feb 2022 - Tell the Liberals to Kill The Bill

Just.Equal Australia has written to moderate Liberals reminding them the devil will be in the detail of the Prime Minister's proposal to protect LGBTIQ+ students in faith-based schools from discrimination in return for support for his Religious Licence-to-Discriminate Bill. Now you can send them the same message with our new campaign aimed directly at the moderate Liberals. You can ask them not to do bad deals over the Bill, but to vote it down instead.
JE's statement warning the moderates:
Our new webform aimed at the moderate Liberals:
We have so much to do before all Australian LGBTIQ people can say they’re just.equal whether it be parenting rights, transgender recognition, safe learning environments, dignity in aged services, national mental health initiatives, to name just a few.

3rd February 2022 - Australians Overwhelmingly Oppose Key Provisions of the Religioous Licence to Discriminate Bill.

A new YouGov Galaxy poll commissioned by Just.Equal Australia shows Australians are overwhelmingly against key provisions of the Religious Licence-to-Discriminate Bill including allowing harmful speech in the name of religion, and discriminating against LGBTIQ+ teachers and students by faith-based schools.
Media statement here:
News report here:
Majority of voters reject Coalition’s proposal to allow discriminatory religious statements, poll suggests

2nd Feb 2022 - Citipointe Stance Makes Arguing Against the Religious Discrimination Bill Easier

Thanks Alan!

2nd Feb 2022 - Gay Blood Donor Restrictions Stop Us Saving Lives

To meet a serious Covid-related blood shortfall, the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood Service has recommended that the ban on people who lived in the UK in the 1980s and 90s be lifted. But the gay ban is still in place. That makes zero sense scientifically and puts lives at risk. Plus it stigmatises those gay, bi and trans people who can't donate.
In the words of Melbourne City Councillor, Jamal Hakim, "the ban makes as much sense as a school yard bully, and leaves my community feeling just as bruised."
Here's the Just.Equal media statement:
Here's the latest research and international best practice in one handy report from JE:
Here's Jamal Hakim:

I don't know if anyone still needs to hear this in 2022, but not just gay men can contract HIV.

25th Jan 2022 - Advocates Renew Calls for Changes to Blood Ban as Donation Needed

“A significant part of the Covid-related (blood) shortfall could be made up by allowing donations from those gay and bisexual men, and trans women, whose blood is safe but who are currently barred.” - Rodney Croome for Just.Equal Australia
Just.Equal Australia have renewed their calls for gay & bi men and trans folks to be able to give blood as donations drop due to Covid-19.

23rd Jan 2022 - Why The Religious Discrimination Bill Must Be Rejected

In this article Alastair Lawrie outlines why the Religious Licence-to-Discriminate Bill is a disaster and urges everyone to take action.
Email Labor asking it vote the Bill down:
Why the Religious Discrimination Bill must be rejected (in 1000 words or less)
The Morrison Government’s Religious Discrimination Bill is a serious threat to the rights of women, LGBT people, people with disability, people of minority faiths and many other Australians. Howeve…

21 Jan 2022 - Brian Greig on Behalf of Just.Equal Australia

Today, Just.Equal Australia gave evidence to the Senate inquiry into the Religious Discrimination Bill. Here is the opening statement delivered by Just.Equal spokesperson, Brian Greig.

20th Jan 2022 - Greece Removes Ban On Queer Men Donating Blood

Did you know Australia urgently needs 3,200 new blood donors to make up for those affected by Covid? Did you know there are many gay and bisexual men and trans women who can’t give blood now, but who are safe and willing to donate? Did you also know that in a rapidly growing number of countries, including France, Greece, Germany, the UK and soon Canada, we can give blood? At Just.Equal we’re working hard to make sure all Australians know these key facts. See our latest statement here…
News report about current Australian blood shortfall:

11th Jan 2022 - Just.Equal Calls for LGBTIQA+ Focus in Religious Bias Inquiries

Just.Equal Australia has written to the two inquiries into the Religious Discrimination Bill seeking a special panel on how the Bill will adversely impact LGBTIQ+ people. Meanwhile, the Joint Human Rights Committee inquiry has scheduled to hear from not one single LGBTIQ+ organisation in its final two days of hearings, after hearing from only two LGBTIQ+ orgs on its first day in December. Meanwhile, it has heard from and scheduled many conservative faith-based organisations.
For more…

7th Jan 2022 - Stop the Licence-to-Discriminate Bill

It’s your last chance! Submissions close today for the second inquiry into the Religious License-to-Discriminate Bill.
Send a submission to the inquiry here…

5th Jan 2022 - Equality, Not Discrimination

Remember how Scott Morrison said the Religious Discrimination Bill will stop people of faith from being "cancelled"? In this article, Brian Greig shows that, in reality, the Bill will allow people with disability, LGBTIQ+ people and others to be cancelled in the name of faith. Hearty congratulations to Brian for speaking the truth about the woeful legislation. Full text below. Send a submission before Friday, here…
Religious Discrimination Bill cancel culture on steroids
For several years conservative voters and MPs have been railing against “cancel culture.” The phenomenon of shutting down debate, de-platforming speakers and cancelling events deemed to be offensive has outraged some who demand free speech and the flourishing of unpopular thought.
Yet these same conservatives are remarkably silent on the Religious Discrimination Bill before parliament. This bill is cancel culture on steroids.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison had promised a bill that would protect religious people from discrimination. We were led to believe this would ensure that a Muslim could not be denied a job because of her faith, that a Christian could oppose same-sex marriage without falling foul of anti-discrimination law or that a Hindu community could not be denied a temple in their neighbourhood.
Few would argue with this, but the Bill before parliament goes much further. It does not simply outlaw discrimination against people of faith, but gives religious people the right to discriminate against others in the name of faith. It’s cancel culture wielded from the pulpit, legalised by parliament.
The cancel culture built into the Religious Discrimination Bill directly overrides state and territory anti-discrimination laws, removing existing protections for teachers and other workers at religious schools, colleges and universities. It even removes protections from workers at child care centres and early learning centres at which education or training is provided.
This includes discrimination on the basis of religious belief generally, and also specific tenets of faith – including whether an employee affirms that ‘homosexuality is intrinsically disordered’ or ‘God created man and woman, therefore transgender people don’t exist’.
Assistant Minister to the Attorney-General, Senator Amanda Stoker, and the office of Attorney-General Senator Michaelia Cash, have both confirmed this could allow discrimination against LGBT teachers ‘under the guise of religious views.’
In Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and the ACT where this discrimination has been outlawed to varying degrees, the bill overrules them. Their protections are cancelled. It will also pre-emptively cancel the WA Government from adopting protections for teachers of minority faiths, and LGBT teachers, anticipated in 2022.
The reverse situation does not apply. If a Government school denies employment to a person because of their religion that is a breach of anti-discrimination law.
On the question of free speech, much fuss was made about Israel Folau and his anti-homosexual comments in breach of his contract with Rugby Australia. Religious conservatives demanded that people must be free to express their beliefs without corporate consequences. And while the contentious ‘Folau clause’ has been dropped from the bill, other areas promote a double standard with free speech.
The Bill allows “statements of belief”, so that people can say harmful things about others, including insults, ridicule and humiliation. So long as such statements do not incite violence and are done in the name of “religious belief,” they are permitted.
In practice, this will allow a manager to tell an Aboriginal employee that his spiritual beliefs are “inspired by Satan and should be rejected.” An employee with a disability could be told by her manager they are “marked by their sin” and urged to undertake faith healing. A male manager could tell a woman under his supervision that her divorce was sinful and she should submit to her husband.
The Religious Discrimination Bill will undermine decades of work by business and the union movement to create more inclusive workplaces. Diversity protocols are cancelled.
Again, the reverse situation does not apply. There is no general protection for non-religious people to insult, ridicule or humiliate others. Only the pious have this wide-ranging privilege. Religious freedom is not protected by this bill, rather it is given special status that cancels the freedoms of others.
Tasmania has Australia’s strongest laws against harmful speech. They have been in place 23 years, and mostly utilised by people with disability. People in wheelchairs who have strangers come up to them in public, place a hand on their head and pray for them to be “cured,” have successfully conciliated complaints against such behaviour.
The Religious Discrimination Bill cancels this defence. It allows “insult, ridicule and humiliation” of people with disability if done in the name of religion. More alarming, the bill gives power to the Attorney General alone to add any other state to their list where laws against harmful speech can be cancelled in the name of religion.
This Bill does not create an anti-discrimination Act for Religion that sits alongside existing Acts for Sex, Age, Race and Disability. It overrules them, threatening the harmonious co-existence of different groups in modern, pluralist Australia.
Brian Greig OAM is a former senator for WA and a veteran LGBTI advocate.

1st Jan 2022 - Take a Stance Against the Religious Licence-to-Discriminate Bill

Start the New Year as you intend to continue…by taking action against the Religious License-to-Discriminate Bill
Send a submission to the parliamentary inquiry here…
Tell Labor to get its act together and oppose the Bill here…

30th Nov 2021 - Hard Times are Upon Us

Hi community members and allies

The Just Equal board notes that the proposals relating to so-called Religious Discrimination bills are likely to be introduced to federal parliament this week, with much debate in all forms of media to follow.

We sadly recall the often difficult and challenging experiences that took place before, during (and even after) the 2017 marriage postal survey. In this light, we are concerned that many LGBTIQA+ people, family members and allies will experience similar distress at this peak time of debate over this legislation, given some aspects of it are likely to be damaging both directly and indirectly for many folk in our communities. We are concerned that the tabling of this divisive legislation may have many unintended consequences with the greatest impact on the mental health and well being of people who have struggled all their lives to create a welcoming and accepting space in which to survive and be accepted.

We strongly affirm the idea of self-care as needed. Every individual knows what works best for them like exercise, pets, music, TV, a bath, breathing exercises. We offer some general thoughts:

  • Pull back from reviewing media articles, discussion on social media if things even begin to feel a little bit tough
  • Talk to friends and supports
  • Check in on each other
  • Utilise services such as Qlife 1800184527 or or 1800729367 or services in your state/territory

If you are doing ok, Just Equal and other community organisations advocating to expose this unnecessary legislation for what it is will welcome your support. Now is the time to stand together and activate for those who can't. One way you can do that is to send a message to Labor to speak out against this proposal and do all they can to kill the bill.

1st June 2018 - Responding to the Religious Privilege Movement

The movement to allow discrimination in the name of religion is gathering pace. LGBTI people and our allies need to seriously consider how we respond. This paper by long-time advocate, Rodney Croome, looks at some of the most common defences of religious privilege and how to respond to them. 
Why would anyone want to be married by someone who doesn’t want to marry them?
Shouldn’t a Christian baker be able to refuse to bake a gay wedding cake just like a gay baker should be able to refuse bake a cake with an anti-gay slur?
Won’t the market look after this by sending discriminatory businesses to the wall?
Now LGBTI have their rights, shouldn’t religious people have their rights protected too?
For answers to those questions and many more, download Rodney’s paper here.

11th March 2017 - DEVIL IN THE DETAIL: The choice between true marriage equality and new forms of discrimination against LGBTI Australians

This new book by long-time marriage equality campaigner, Rodney Croome, asks the question, should the LGBTI community compromise on marriage equality? Should we accept being allowed to marry in return for new laws that allow us to be discriminated against?

The book looks at what compromises are likely to be proposed, how they will be put forward under the cover of "religious freedom", how they will be defended and why we should not accept them. 

Rodney also considers who has the right to make the difficult choices at stake.

Australian commentator, Peter van Onselen, has written,

“I don’t think churches should be compelled to marry gay couples if it’s against their belief systems, but a Christian baker refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding sounds pretty bigoted to me. These are issues worthy of further debate.” 

Rodney Croome's book is an important contribution to that debate. Download Devil In The Detail here.

Addendum to Devil In The Detail, Jan 2018

This book was written before the passage of legislation allowing Australian LGBTI people to marry in December 2017. The purpose then was to make a case against compromises in that legislation which allowed discrimination in the name of “religious freedom” (or religious privilege as it should be known). With the religious privilege movement currently in full swing this discussion is now more important than ever.

Downloadable Addendum here.


18 jan 2017

We are concerned that any marriage equality legislation that entrenches the unequal treatment of LGBTI couples undermines the point of providing for these couples to marry. Indeed, it cannot properly be called “marriage equality”. The many people who support marriage equality because it provides for equality would find it very difficult to support legislation that takes with one hand while giving with the other.

The submission

Just.equal is a national LGBTIQ lobbying, advocacy and campaign group with a focus on anti-discrimination protections and on marriage equality. Our mandate comes from the extensive and exhaustive research we conduct on the views of LGBTIQ Australians.


In this submission “same-sex couples” refers all those adult couples who the meet the criteria for marriage except they are not male and female. We will use “marriage equality” to refer to laws that allow them to marry.

Our position

We support marriage equality in principle, including the intent of the Marriage Amendment (Same-Sex Marriage) Bill.

We support allowing ministers of religious to refuse service to any couple whose relationship does not conform to their religious views.

We oppose all provisions that specifically allow same-sex couples to be refused service by marriage-related service providers including civil celebrants and businesses owned and operated by religious organisations.

We believe the Marriage Amendment (Same-Sex Marriage) Bill should be fully inclusive regardless of sex, gender or sexual orientation.

Reasons for supporting marriage equality

The case for marriage equality has been made consistently and well over many years, including to several parliamentary inquiries. We will not give a detailed exposition on the need for marriage equality except to remind the inquiry that:

a) marriage equality is based on values of legal equality, personal freedom, inclusion and respect

b) there is significant evidence that marriage equality boosts the health and wellbeing of LGBTIQ people and their families, as well as strengthening their relationships and the institution of marriage

c) there is no evidence that marriage equality has undermined marriage as an institution, the wellbeing of children or religious freedoms anywhere it has been enacted.

We are more than happy to provide extra information, including empirical research, in regard to any of these points if it is required by the Committee.

Reasons for opposing provisions that allow refusal of service to same-sex couples.

As stated above, we support the current provision of the Marriage Act that allows religious ministers to refuse to marry any couple based on the minister’s beliefs.

We oppose all other provisions of the Marriage Amendment (Same-Sex Marriage) Bill that allows refusal of service to same-sex couples who intend to marry. First we deal with concerns specific to particular provisions, then general concerns.

Religious ministers

It is unnecessary to provide ministers of religious with an additional legal right to refuse service to same-sex couples when they already have this right for all couples.

Civil celebrants

Civil celebrants are delegated by the government to perform a government duty, much like justices of the peace. They are also private business owners who provide a commercial service. On both counts, they should not be able to refuse service to anyone on the basis of their relationship status, sexual orientation or gender identity. We are not aware of any organised call or demonstrated need for civil celebrants to be able to discriminate against same-sex couples.

Religious organisations

Religious organisations provide commercial services that could be relevant to marriages.

These commercial services should be subject to the same laws as all commercial services.

That means they should not be able to refuse service to anyone on the basis of their relationships status or sexual orientation.

General concerns


We are concerned that the proposed provisions are specific to same-sex couples. This means same-sex relationships will continue to be stigmatised as second-rate and less worthy than heterosexual relationships. One of the main reasons for allowing same-sex couples to marry is to challenge the deep, historical stigma and prejudice against same-sex relationships. We oppose the proposed provisions because they will perpetuate this stigma.

Access to services

We are concerned that couples in rural and regional areas may find it difficult to access wedding services under the proposed provisions. One of the main reasons we support marriage equality is to allow couples to celebrate their love and commitment with friends and family in those places that mean the most to them, for example, in the communities they grew up in. Denial of wedding services can limit the choices same-sex couples make about where to celebrate their marriages.

Not equality

We are concerned that any marriage equality legislation that entrenches the unequal treatment of same-sex couples undermines the point of allowing same-sex couples to marry. Indeed, it cannot properly be called “marriage equality”. The many people who support marriage equality because it provides for equality would find it very difficult to support legislation that takes with one hand while giving with the other.

Anti-discrimination principles

We are concerned the proposed provisions undermine Australian anti-discrimination law.

Protections that currently exist under some state laws will be lost. The principle that there should be no discrimination on the grounds of relationship status or sexual orientation will be infringed. The fundamental principle of discrimination law - that everyone should have equal access to the same opportunities in life - will also be violated.

The slippery slope

We are concerned by the precedent the proposed provisions will set. If this parliament accepts that same-sex couples can be discriminated against because of the religious beliefs of service providers, what stops a future parliament allowing discrimination against inter-racial partners, inter-faith partners, civil union partners, or any partners who don’t conform to a particular religious doctrine? Indeed, what stops parliament accepting any form of discrimination that can be justified by holy texts? We note that in the United States a religious freedom bill before that Kentucky state legislature has prompted concerns from those people who feel it is broad enough to encompass couples other than the same-sex couples it explicitly targets.

International precedents

We are concerned that Australia would be defying the trend in comparable jurisdictions if the proposed provisions were passed. The legislation that achieved marriage equality in the UK, New Zealand, Canada and Ireland did not contain any provisions allowing for the refusal of services (other than by ministers of religion). There is no evidence that religious freedoms have been undermined in those countries. If those countries can pass true marriage equality, Australia should be able to as well.

Debasement of religious values and freedoms

We are concerned that the proposed provisions debase religious values and freedoms.

Because the provisions we object to allow refusal of service only to same-sex couples they are clearly not about genuine religious values, they are about permitting prejudice. If they were about the former, they would encompass all couples whose relationships might violate religious tenets. Associating religious values with prejudice in this way debases the very concept of religious values and diminishes the reputation of religious institutions in the eyes of everyday Australians. This is why so many people of faith object to the offending provisions. The same goes for religious freedom. There is an unconditional freedom to hold a religious view. But there is not an unconditional freedom to impose religious values on others, or harm or disadvantage others through the practise of these values. To make a claim to the latter freedom devalues the suffering of those religious minorities around the world who are experiencing genuine infringements of their religious freedom.

Personal conscience

We are concerned that the proposed provisions allow “conscientious beliefs” to be the basis for refusing service. This is an ill-defined term that conceivably encompasses all forms or personal prejudice. We oppose “religious beliefs” being a legitimate basis for refusing service, as much as we oppose “conscientious beliefs”. Both terms allow discrimination against LGBTIQ people in the provision of government and commercial services. However, at least there is a body of jurisprudence that sets limits on “religious beliefs”. This is much less the case with “conscientious beliefs”.

Ensuring full inclusion

Most marriage equality legislation that has been proposed makes it clear that marriage is between two people regardless of sex, gender or sexual orientation. This helps ensure marriage equality is fully inclusive of transgender and intersex people. We believe the Marriage Amendment (Same-Sex Marriage) Bill should do the same.

The views of the LGBTIQ community

As stated at the outset, just.equal takes its mandate from comprehensive and exhaustive research on the attitudes of LGBTIQ Australians. Together with groups such as Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, just.equal has commissioned research on the issue of refusal of service. The research is currently underway. We ask the Committee’s permission to be able to present a report of the survey when it is completed.

(the survey report is now available here)

29 Oct 2016

We're keeping the up pressure on parliament to vote down a plebiscite with the release of videoed interviews highlighting the true cost of the 2015 Irish marriage equality referendum.

The interviews are with Irish LGBTI people and their family members who describe the long-term hurt and harm the referendum campaign inflicted.

The video will be the centrepiece of the anti-plebiscite campaign in the days leading up to the final Senate vote, with supporters asked to share it with their federal members through the website.

The video was commissioned by PFLAG and just.equal and produced by Niall Crowley, managing director of Irish communications company, "We the People".

Spokesperson for LGBTI lobby group, just.equal, Ivan Hinton-Teoh said,

"We are stepping up our campaign against a plebiscite and for a free vote to be absolutely sure it is knocked on the head."

"The Make It Law campaign has already delivered over 400,000 emails to MPs and Senators from everyday Australians calling on the plebiscite to be blocked."

"In the final days before the Senate vote we will be encouraging even more Australians to now share this powerful video with their politicians."

National spokesperson for Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), Shelley Argent, said,

"I think what this video shows is that public votes on marriage equality put a huge and unnecessary strain on same-sex couples and their families."

"Warren Entsch has proposed a less expensive online plebiscite but that misses the point."

"The fundamental problem with a plebiscite is the human cost not the financial cost."

"The question for me is what path to marriage equality is best for our LGBTI children and I think that is clearly a free vote in parliament, not a plebiscite."

Dr Sharon Dane co-authored "Swimming with Sharks", a recently-released study through the University of Queensland and Victoria University of over 1,500 LGBTI Irish people and their families. The study is not directly linked to the video but it did look at the negative psychological and social impact of the Irish referendum campaign. Dr Dane said,

"The video interviews are in keeping with what our study found - that there was a hidden cost to the Irish referendum."

"Many same-sex couples and their families are still suffering from the hurtful and negative messages the referendum enabled."

The Senate is expected to debate the Government's proposed plebiscite legislation the week starting November 7th. 
To see the video click here.
To see the Make it Law campaign click here.
For a media release on Irish study click here.
For a full report on Irish study click here.

13th Oct 2016

In conjunction with global LGBTI rights group All Out we delivered a petition of 92,068 signatures to the Australian parliament on 13 October 2016. 

The message was a simple one: Thank You For Promising To Block The Plebiscite! This 2.4m tall thank you card was delivered throughout parliament and attracted enthusiastic signatures from across the political spectrum.

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