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17/12/2019 Gay Saudi couple Sultan and Nassar released from Australian detention 

With your help a gay Saudi couple was released from Australian Immigration detention after seeking asylum in Australia! Immigration Minister Coleman released these men so they could, justly, have their claim of asylum processed without being further victimised by unnecessarily harsh and slow processes.

It's important to remember these men were detained in the Australian immigration system for months, unnecessarily, and many other LGBTIQ asylum seekers continue to face the same reality. We are very grateful to the phenomenal, tireless work of our campaign partners Human Rights For All.

You helped us secure their release, thank you! 



3/4/2019 Foreign Affairs Minister Appeals to Brunei Government to Respect LGBTIQA+ Human Rights

SUCCESS! We called on Brunei to respect human rights for all, including LGBTIQ people, by challenging the Australian Government to make a stand for human rights in the region. The Australian Foreign Affairs Minister made a public appeal to the Brunei Government which, along with international pressure, saw the latest initiative to further persecute LGBTIQ in Brunei stall. We must remain vigilant on this one.



16/02/2019 Petition and Submission to Religious Freedom Review


We launched a petition to accompany our submission to the upcoming religious "freedom" review to protect against the erosion of gains made in 2017. We want to give Australia a strong voice in opposing any roll back of discrimination law and calls for an Australian Charter of Rights. 

Granting legal privileges to discriminate on the grounds of religion potentially disadvantage minority faiths, women and interracial couples, as well as LGBTIQ people, so our petition is open to everyone to sign.

Here's a copy of the completed petition. Thanks to the thousands of Australians who have signed it.

Our submission to the religious freedom review is available here.

Our initial media release for the petition.


2/11/2017 Fighting religious privilege amendments to the Marriage Act 


Once the postal vote was behind us Just.Equal, in partnership with PFLAG Australia, advocated strongly to stop the installation of unprecedented religious privileges within proposed amendments to the Marriage Act.  78% of Australians wanted the Marriage Act amended in a way that did not treat same-sex couples differently to other couples



12/2 2017 Pushing for Free Vote on Marriage Equality


73% of Australians wanted a parliamentary free vote , but over 1 million Coalition voters said they were less likely to vote for the coalition if they hadn't achieved marriage equality by the next election. 

We ran a campaign to urge people to contact coalition MPs and Senators who were the key to this reform to make them aware of the polling.



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