Only 1% of Australians say protecting religious freedom is a priority* yet Australia's parliament looks set to rush new laws through.

Despite a review led by Philip Ruddock finding no threat to religious freedom in Australia the Morrison Government plans to introduce a "religious freedom" law that may allow legal discrimination against LGBTIQ+ people.

Tell the Government that everyone's rights should be protected, not just some.

Tell the Government to legislate against LGBTIQ+ discrimination, not for it.

Tell Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese, Adam Bandt and the cross bench to carefully analyse any proposed amendments to ensure it protects all Australians, not just the 1%.

Sign the petition and then, if you'd like to elevate your activism, you can send a letter to the party leaders on the next page.


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Petition text

To Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese, Adam Bandt, Centre Alliance, Jacquie Lambie

From the Undersigned Residents of Australia

We are concerned that a new religious freedom law may be used to undermine equal rights for LGBTIQ+ people

We ask that:

  • You oppose legislation that potentially removes the protections LGBTIQ+ Australians currently have from discrimination.
  • You remove existing exemptions from anti-discrimination law that allow LGBTIQ+ people to be discriminated against by faith-based schools, hospitals and charities
  • You do not support legislation that protects religious freedom at the expense of other rights and freedoms
  • You support a national Human Rights Act that will protect the rights of all Australians equally

Will you sign?


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