April 2022

April 2022 - Election Edition

Top 12 questions to ask your local candidate.

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The Federal election is on and already we have seen misinformation and fear-mongering about LGBTIQ+ issues. 
In this newsletter we have included the TOP 12 QUESTIONS you can ask your local candidates about LGBTIQ+ issues to ensure the debate is focussed on what our community needs.
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Just.Equal Australia
April 2022
Welcome to Just.Equal Australia's 2022 Election Newsletter
Top 12 Questions for you to ask your local candidate
1.    The Coalition has said it will re-introduce the Religious Discrimination Bill despite it weakening existing discrimination protections for LGBTIQ+ people, women, people with disability, and people in minority faiths.
Q: Will you oppose a Bill that reduces existing protections for vulnerable minorities?
2.    The Coalition has said it will protect only lesbian, gay, and bisexual students in religious schools, and even then only against expulsion. 
Q: Will you support discrimination protections for LGB students when it comes to other areas including enrolment, anti-bullying policies and inclusion in school life?
Q: Will you oppose discrimination against trans and non-binary kids across the board?
3.    Labor has said it will allow religious schools to hire staff according to faith values.
Q: Will you oppose giving special permission to religious schools to refuse to employ LGBTIQ+ school staff if they are deemed to be “against faith values?”
4.    Labor has said it will not support any Religious Discrimination Bill that weakens or overrides existing protections for LGBTIQ+ people. However, during debate on that Bill Labor voted to override existing state laws which prevent discrimination against LGBTIQ+ school staff.
Q: Will you commit to never voting to override or weaken existing discrimination protections?
5.    People who are intersex, trans, or gender diverse cannot lodge complaints of workplace discrimination in a clear, efficient and cost effective way.
Q: Will you support amending the Fair Work Act so it explicitly protects intersex, trans and gender diverse people from discrimination in the same way as the Sex Discrimination Act? 
6.    Some states have discrimination protections for LGBTIQ+ staff, volunteers, and clients of faith-based services such as health, aged care, charities, and employment service providers.
Q: Do you support the same protection being adopted nationally? If yes, will this protection cover both recruitment and those currently employed?
7.    A Liberal Senator has introduced a Bill that would allow transgender women and girls to be excluded from women's sport, despite existing provisions working well for many years and no sporting code asking for such legislation.
Q: Will you speak out against trans exclusion, including in sport?
8.    The UK, France, and other countries have dropped their ban on gay and bisexual men, and some trans women, donating blood. Instead, they assess all donors for individual risk.
Q: Do you support a similar policy being adopted in Australia?  
9.    Conversion practices on LGBTIQ+ people are still occurring with only three states passing bans, some less effective than others.
Q: Do you support national standards for banning conversion practices on LGBTIQ+ people? 
10. Gender affirming treatment is not covered by Medicare and more mental health resources are needed by trans and gender diverse people.
Q: Do you support Medicare covering gender affirming treatments and boosting the mental health resources for trans and gender diverse people?  
11. Children with innate variations of sex characteristics are still being subject to non-consenting and medically-unnecessary interventions to "normalise" their sex characteristics.
Q: Do you support nationally-consistent legislation to protect the human rights of children with innate variations of sex characteristics in medical settings?
Q: Will you support resourcing for community-based peer and family support in place of these harmful surgical practices?
12. The National Census does not collect the kind of data about LGBTIQ+ Australians that is required to set funding priorities in health and community services. The Australian Bureau of Statistics supports asking questions about sex, gender, variations of sex characteristics and sexual orientation.  
Q: Do you support adding these questions to the Census?

Fears and hopes for the 2022 federal election

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