YouGov Galaxy polling: Australian’s don’t support LGBTI discrimination in faith schools

In May 2018, we commissioned YouGov Galaxy to survey attitudes on special religious exemptions in faith schools. We chose YouGov Galaxy because it has a good reputation in Canberra and often used by major political parties to test opinions among voters.

The results found that Australians strongly oppose laws allowing LGBTI discrimination in the name of religion. Findings included:

  • 4 out of 5 Australians oppose laws allowing discrimination against gay and lesbian students and teachers at religious schools

  • The same proportion oppose allowing discrimination against transgender students and teachers at religious schools

  • 79% said LGBTI teachers should not be sacked if they marry a same-sex partner

  • Almost 80% said that religious schools which discriminate against LGBTI students and teachers should not receive government funding


In short, Australians not only oppose current LGBTI discrimination by faith schools, they want less of it not more. Indeed, Australians emphatically reject discrimination against LGBTI people in the name of religion more strongly than they supported marriage equality.

Read the full report here.

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