Dr Ange Dwyer

Dr Ange Dwyer is a criminologist who specialises in police-LGBTIQA+ community relations. In her role as an Associate Professor in Police Studies and Emergency Services, Ange regularly provides strategic advice for Queensland Police Service and Tasmania Police about their LGBTI police liaison programs, and presents workshops to police services and strategic meetings about liaison programs around the country.

Ange has also been involved in a number of broader LGBTIQA+ research projects including as a lead researcher for the Tasmanian Government’s landmark 2020 LGBTIQ+ community survey. Ange is a member of Executive Boards of key LGBTIQ community organisations (including Working It Out, TasCAHRD, TasPride, Equality Tasmania and the Tasmania Police LGBTIQ+ Reference Committee). Ange grew up in Queensland and lives in Victoria.

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