The Toll Of The Religious Freedom Debate

The religious freedom and discrimination debate is taking a heavy toll on LGBTIQ+ people, with more than 80% saying they feel worse now than during the 2017 marriage equality postal survey.
The stark figure is from a survey of almost 4,500 LGBTIQ+ Australians and their allies conducted by just.equal.
Other headline results include:
70.9% of LGBTIQ+ people agree that the primary aim of religious freedom advocates is to take away the rights of LGBTIQ+ people.
43.5% of LGBTIQ+ people agree Australia is not accepting, which is almost double the percentage (22.3%) who felt it was not accepting before marriage equality.
62.2% of LGBTIQ+ people feel vulnerable, 67.2% angry and 78.4% not respected.
97.9% of LGBTIQ+ people believe religious organisations like schools and hospitals should not be allowed to discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity, while 92% believe individuals should not be able to say whatever they want about LGBTIQ+ people in the name of religion 
84.9% believe the media is biased against transgender people, 88% believe politicians are less interested in trans rights than they were in marriage equality, and 90% believe trans and gender diverse people are suffering as a result.
70.8% want to see much more LGBTIQ+ equality advocacy from moderate Liberals. 58.7% want much more from Labor and 32.9% want much more from the Greens.

The full study is available here.


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