Trans Dignity and Equality

15th May 2024

Just.Equal Australia has worked alongside members of the Australian Parliament to prevent an unnecessary, damaging and highly-politicised inquiry into affirming health care for young trans and gender diverse (TGD) Australians.

Liberal, Alex Antic, and One Nation's Pauline Hanson, have both pushed for an inquiry that would inevitably become a platform for hate and harm against TGD people. They were unsuccessful in part because of Just.Equal's efforts.

The push for a political inquiry will now increase following a British report questioning how care has been provided in that country. However, as Australian experts such as Professor Ian Hickey and Professor Elizabeth Scott have reminded us, Australia takes a much more holistic approach to affirming care for young people, with Australian research showing our approach works.

Meanwhile, the Australian Human Rights Commission is conducting an inquiry into threats against trans and gender diverse human rights. We urge you to send in a submission here:

Listen to more on the ABC here.

7th December 2023

While Just.Equal Australia welcomes the federal government's consideration of an application by the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) to add 21 Medicare items for gender-affirming surgeries,  we call on the federal government to consult with the transgender community.  Media release here...

18th October 2023

Just.Equal Australia condemned a bill flagged by South Australian Senator, Alex Antic. Banning gender affirming health care for young people will harm young trans people and infringe on parental rights.  Media release here...

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