Devil In The Detail

Screenshot_2017-08-03_22.58.28.pngDEVIL IN THE DETAIL: The choice between true marriage equality and new forms of discrimination against LGBTI Australians

This new book by long-time marriage equality campaigner, Rodney Croome, asks the question, should the LGBTI community compromise on marriage equality? Should we accept being allowed to marry in return for new laws that allow us to be discriminated against?

The book looks at what compromises are likely to be proposed, how they will be put forward under the cover of "religious freedom", how they will be defended and why we should not accept them. 

Rodney also considers who has the right to make the difficult choices at stake.

Australian commentator, Peter van Onselen, has written,

“I don’t think churches should be compelled to marry gay couples if it’s against their belief systems, but a Christian baker refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding sounds pretty bigoted to me. These are issues worthy of further debate.” 

Rodney Croome's book is an important contribution to that debate. Download Devil In The Detail here.

Addendum to Devil In The Detail, Jan 2018

This book was written before the passage of legislation allowing Australian LGBTI people to marry in December 2017. The purpose then was to make a case against compromises in that legislation which allowed discrimination in the name of “religious freedom” (or religious privilege as it should be known). With the religious privilege movement currently in full swing this discussion is now more important than ever.

Downloadable Addendum here.



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