Tasmania’s protections against hatred and discrimination are the best in Australia.

They have helped create a more inclusive state for all Tasmanians.

But the Federal Government has proposed a religious discrimination law that will undermine the legal rights of Tasmanians.

Despite a review led by Philip Ruddock finding no threat to religious freedom in Australia, the Federal Government wants to override Tasmania’s protections against hateful, intimidating and humiliating language, if that language is in the name of religion.

This will adversely impact de facto partners, single parents, divorcees, LGBTIQ+ people, members of minority religions, people with disabilities and anyone who falls foul of traditional religious dogma.

It rides roughshod over the right of the Tasmanian people to make our own human rights laws.

By signing our petition, you are telling the Federal Government that

  • you value an inclusive Tasmania.
  • everyone's rights should be protected, not just some.
  • Canberra has no right to undermine Tasmania’s human rights laws.

A partnership between Equality Tasmania and just.equal

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Petition text

To Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese, Richard di Natale, Centre Alliance, Jacquie Lambie and all Tasmania's federal representatives,

From the Undersigned Residents of Tasmania

We are concerned that the proposed federal religious discrimination law will undermine existing legal rights and protections for everyday Tasmanians.

Tasmania's Anti-Discrimination Act has Australia's best protections against hateful, intimidating and humiliating language for the widest range of people.

Religious services are not permitted to discriminate, or use hate speech, and hate speech is not allowed in any workplace.

Our law ensures that anyone who could be subject to hateful speech, including de facto partners, single parents, divorcees, LGBTIQ+ people, members of minority religions and people with disabilities, has the opportunity to live free from hate, stigma and discrimination.

Our strong discrimination laws have fostered a more inclusive society for everyone.

Canberra has no right to interfere and undermine Tasmania’s human rights protections.

We ask that:

  • You oppose legislation that removes the protections Tasmanian currently have against discrimination, hate speech, and intimidating and humiliating language.
  • You do not support legislation that protects religious freedom at the expense of other rights and freedoms.
  • You support a national Human Rights Act that will protect the rights of all Australians equally.

Will you sign?

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