International Work

Just.Equal Australia continues to advocate for the rights of our communities overseas and supports our members' activities with regard to institutional struggles for equality by our peers in other countries. 

JEA regularly monitors and publishes news reports of progress or otherwise of moves towards lgbtiq equality as well as regressive / harmful actions by governments and powerful actors in other nations. Sadly, awareness and publicity are often all we can do. However, occasionally JEA  is able to take direct action. 

24th April 2024

We welcomed last year's Australian Government commitment of funding international LGBTIQA+ advocacy, but have called for funding to be increased so Australia can at least reach the level of funding provided by Canada.

Also last year JEA co-hosted Taiwanese LGBTIQA+ advocates in Canberra. Their visit included a community forum and lobbying politicians in Parliament House.

We have also been lobbying the Australian Government to speak out more against anti-LGBTIQA+ laws in Uganda as well as liaising closely with advocates in Uganda and other countries with repressive laws

JEA was able to support Ugandan activists who wanted to write to the Australian Foreign Minister regarding the  wholly negative and dangerous impacts of that country's Anti Homosexuality Laws passed in February, 2023.  Apart from acknowledging receipt of their letters activists and JEA remain unaware of any further action or even a protest note from Australian authorities.  

JEA members continue individually to support groups and individuals overseas, and to help them develop independence through commercial enterprises.

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