Marriage Equality Supporters Urged To Continue To Speak Out Against A Plebiscite

Advocates have urged marriage equality supporters not to be complacent about the defeat of the Government's proposed plebiscite and to continue to speak out against it.

Speaking at an Equal Love rally in Melbourne today, long-time marriage equality advocate, Rodney Croome, said,
"The final decision about a plebiscite will come down to one or two votes so we shouldn't let up until the final Senate vote is taken and the plebiscite is definitely knocked on the head."
"I urge everyone with concerns about a plebiscite to make their views known to their elected representatives and to ask their friends and family members to do the same."
"It's time for LGBTI people and our allies to unite around a single message - no plebiscite under any circumstances."
Mr Croome described as "nonsense" the Government's view that a plebiscite is the only way forward on marriage equality.
"Some Liberals are quietly talking about returning the issue to the party room for a debate on a free vote and even if there isn't a free vote we only need a handful of Liberals to cross the floor to get marriage equality through."
"There is a Plan B and it is already taking shape."
Mr Croome also spoke today about why he left Australian Marriage Equality in August to dedicate himself to stopping a plebiscite.
He cited the story of Nick Donovan, a young gay man from a small town in northern Tasmania, who killed himself during the hateful debate on decriminalising homosexuality in that state in the mid 1990s.
"Given the likelihood a plebiscite will be a platform for hate, I feel conscience-bound to do everything I can to prevent more young people taking their lives."
"When we reach the end of the long road to marriage equality, young LGBTI people who, like Nick Donovan, are vulnerable to hate, must still be walking with us."
Opponents of a plebiscite can make their views known to their federal representatives through

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