Our Anti-Plebiscite Campaign Steps Up A Gear As We Release Video From Ireland

We're keeping the up pressure on parliament to vote down a plebiscite with the release of videoed interviews highlighting the true cost of the 2015 Irish marriage equality referendum.

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Tasmanian Coroners Office Takes 17 Months To Recognise Gay Relationship

A Hobart man who was not recognised as his late partner's next of kin has vowed to continue his anti-discrimination case after the Coroner finally accepted he was wrongly treated.

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Plebiscite Legislation Heads To The Senate

Our focus will move to defeating the proposed marriage equality plebiscite in the Senate after it passed the Lower House today.

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Australians Want A Free Vote In This Parliament Now Plebiscite Blocked

LGBTI advocacy group, just.equal, has welcomed the latest Essential Poll showing a majority of Australians want the Government to allow a vote on marriage equality in Parliament rather than continue with its proposed plebiscite.


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92,068 Signature Petition Saying No Plebiscite With Largest Card Ever Delivered To Parliament

Today we presented the largest thank you card ever delivered to Parliament House, presented to politicians across the political spectrum who have vowed to block a marriage equality plebiscite. 

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Labor Promises To Block Plebiscite

Marriage equality advocates who have campaigned against a plebiscite and for a free vote are elated that Labor says it will vote to block a plebiscite on the issue.

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Irish Marriage Equality Referendum "A Megaphone For Hate & Homophobia"

new study released today shows:
• Irish LGBTI people felt very upset, angry and anxious during the marriage equality referendum campaign. 
• Younger LGBTI people and the children of same-sex couples were worst affected. 
• Only 23% of Irish LGBTI people and families in the survey would be happy to have referendum again. 
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Marriage Equality Supporters Urged To Continue To Speak Out Against A Plebiscite

Advocates have urged marriage equality supporters not to be complacent about the defeat of the Government's proposed plebiscite and to continue to speak out against it.

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Advocates Back Vic Gov Call To Review Gay Blood Donor Ban

We have backed the Victorian Government's call for an official review of the gay blood donation ban to be brought forward.
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Renewed Calls To Block Plebiscite After Negotiations Fail

We have renewed our calls to ditch the proposed marriage equality plebiscite after the breakdown today of negotiations between the Government and Labor about details of the Government's plebiscite bill.

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