Plebiscite Legislation Heads To The Senate

Our focus will move to defeating the proposed marriage equality plebiscite in the Senate after it passed the Lower House today.

The Government's plebiscite proposal looks doomed in the Senate where a majority of members say they will vote it down.
But just.equal spokesperson, Ivan Hinton-Teoh, said the majority is slim and advocates should focus on increasing opposition to the proposal.
"We want to ensure the plebiscite is defeated conclusively so the Government gets the message that Australians want a free vote in parliament, not an expensive, divisive and harmful public vote."
"I urge all Australians opposed to a plebiscite to write to their federal senators through the website."
Long-time marriage euqality advocate, Rodney Croome, welcomed opposition to the plebiscite from Tasmanian independent, Andrew Wilkie.
"Mr Wilkie has said in the past that he will only support a plebiscite if it is the only way forward, so clearly he has faith a free vote in parliament is likely."
Victorian independent, Cathy McGowan, voted for the plebiscite but has acknowledged the idea is virually dead and has called for MPs to work together to find a path forward.

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