Sociologists / Lawyers Pan Plebiscite

Australia's peak organisation for sociologists has panned a plebiscite on marriage equality calling for a free vote instead. 
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Latest Poll Boosts Case Against A Plebiscite

We have welcomed a new poll showing Australians support marriage equality, support a parliamentary free vote on the issue and are concerned a plebiscite may result in anti-gay hate speech and abuse.

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Advocates Praise Shorten & Vow To Continue Anti-Plebiscite Campaign

Today we praised Bill Shorten for declaring he will recommend Labor votes down a marriage equality plebiscite, but have cautioned the campaign to defeat a plebiscite is not over.

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Advocates Concerned Over Hidden Danger In Plebiscite Proposal

We've expressed our deep concern about what is a hidden trap in the proposed marriage equality plebiscite that could split the "yes" vote and sink the reform.

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Dean Smith Makes Principled Stand Against Plebiscite

LGBTI community advocates have praised the courage and principle of Liberal West Australian Senator Dean Smith for declaring his opposition to a marriage equality plebiscite.

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Praise For Anglican Bishops For Speaking Out Against Plebiscite

We have praised five Anglican bishops who have written to Malcolm Turnbull expressing their concern about a marriage equality plebiscite.

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Almost 200 LGBTI Community Leaders Unite In Call To Block Plebiscite

Almost 200 leading LGBTIQ Australian leaders in the arts, sport, religion, business and the community sector have called on Federal Parliament to vote down a marriage equality plebiscite.
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Archbishop's Support For Plebiscite Rejected

Today we dismissed support for a plebiscite from Melbourne Anglican Archbishop, Philip Freier, saying a plebiscite will divide congregations and inflame the Anglican Church's "culture war about homosexuality".

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Hanson-Young Must Heed Overwhelming LGBTI Community Opposition To Plebiscite

Today we called on Greens' Senator Sarah Hanson-Young to heed the LGBTI community's views on a marriage equality plebiscite in the wake of her not ruling out voting for one.

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Today we applauded the Nick Xenophon Team (NXT) for vowing to vote against a marriage equality plebiscite.
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