Hanson-Young Must Heed Overwhelming LGBTI Community Opposition To Plebiscite

Today we called on Greens' Senator Sarah Hanson-Young to heed the LGBTI community's views on a marriage equality plebiscite in the wake of her not ruling out voting for one.

Senator Hanson-Young is at odds with her party which has said it will vote to block a plebiscite.
Spokesperson for LGBTI lobby group, just.equal, Ivan Hinton-Teoh said,
"A recent survey of 5,500 LGBTI Australians found 85% opposition to a plebiscite with almost two thirds opposing it even if it is the only way forward."
"I urge Senator Hanson-Young to heed the views of the LGBTI community and declare her unconditional opposition to a plebiscite."
Mr Hinton-Teoh said Senator Hanson-Young's stance is a reminder that the Coalition is the only party to deny members the right to vote freely on marriage equality
"The fact that Sarah Hanson-Young can freely vote for or against a marriage equality plebiscite is a reminder to Coalition members that they should be able to vote freely on the issue too."
"A free vote across the Parliament would see marriage equality pass tomorrow."
A copy of the LGBTI community survey can be found here.

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