C'mon Labor & Cross Bench, Veto The Plebiscite

Rodney Croome: If the Prime Minister is really concerned about achieving marriage equality as quickly as possible he will have a back-up plan should a plebiscite be vetoed, and that 'Plan B' should be to allow a free vote in parliament.
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Hey Labor / Cross Bench, Follow Greens' Lead & Veto Plebiscite

We welcome the Greens' decision to vote against enabling legislation for a marriage equality plebiscite and have called on the Labor Party and cross bench senators to follow the Greens' lead.

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Senior Irish Marriage Referendum Campaigner Urges Australia To Abandon Plebiscite

The co-director of the Yes Equality campaign in the 2015 Irish marriage equality referendum has urged Australia not to go ahead with the proposed plebiscite.

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Proposed Plebiscite Question Opens Door To "Exclusion & Segregation"

We have raised strong concerns about the plebiscite question the Turnbull Government wants to put to the Australian people.

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