Praise For Anglican Bishops For Speaking Out Against Plebiscite

We have praised five Anglican bishops who have written to Malcolm Turnbull expressing their concern about a marriage equality plebiscite.

The bishops, led by Bishop of Wangarratta, John Parkes, believe a plebiscite will cause division and damage, and set a bad precedent.
Long time marriage equality advocate, Rodney Croome, said,
"I congratulate Bishop Parkes and the other Anglican bishops for speaking out against a plebiscite."
"They are protecting LGBTI people from the harm and hatred that will come with a plebiscite and guarding their own congregations from the deep divisions a plebiscite will cause."
"The Anglican Church has been on a long journey towards accepting LGBTI people and I fear a plebiscite will set that back the gains that have been made by dividing congregations into pro and anti camps."
"I call on the Senate, and particularly the Labor Party, to heed the bishops' concerns and vote down the plebiscite."
For more information about the bishops' letter to Malcolm Turnbull, click here

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