Archbishop's Support For Plebiscite Rejected

Today we dismissed support for a plebiscite from Melbourne Anglican Archbishop, Philip Freier, saying a plebiscite will divide congregations and inflame the Anglican Church's "culture war about homosexuality".

The Archbishop has written to other Anglican bishops saying the Government has a mandate for a plebiscite, declaring the Church will abide by the outcome and expressing hope the plebiscite will be conducted respectfully.
Spokesperson for LGBTI rights group, just.equal, Ivan Hinton-Teoh, said,
"Just because Archbishop Freier wants a plebiscite to be respectful doesn't mean it will be."
"We are already seeing hateful flyers and pamphlets being distributed and this will increase a hundredfold during a plebiscite."
"The Archbishop is letting down his own congregations because a plebiscite will divide his parishioners, tear families apart and inflame the culture war about homosexuality within the Anglican Church."
"The damage a plebisicte will cause to the Church, to the LGBTI community and to the fabric of Australian society could take a generation to heal."
"I would expect the Church to accept a positive plebiscite result but I would also expect it accept a majority vote in Parliament."
Mr Hinton-Teoh dismissed Archbishop Freier's claim the Government has a mandate for a plebiscite.
"The Government failed to provide any details about the plebiscite before the election and therefore can't claim a mandate."
"The election mandate is for a free vote in Parliament given Australians elected a majority of marriage equality supporters in both houses of Parliament."

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