Australians Want A Free Vote In This Parliament Now Plebiscite Blocked

LGBTI advocacy group, just.equal, has welcomed the latest Essential Poll showing a majority of Australians want the Government to allow a vote on marriage equality in Parliament rather than continue with its proposed plebiscite.


The poll asked respondents their preferred path forward now a plebiscite looks likely to be blocked in the Senate with 55% saying they want the Government to allow a vote on the issue in Parliament, 30% saying the current policy of a plebiscite should be left in place until after the next election, and 15% undecided.
Critically, more Coalition voters prefer a vote in Parliament than the Coalition's policy of a plebiscite (47% to 42%)
just.equal spokesperson, Ivan Hinton-Teoh, said,
"Australians are on board with Plan B and it's time the Government was too."
"The way forward for marriage equality is a free vote on a cross party bill."
"We are already in discussions with federal members and hope to see progress soon."
"Australians want our parliamentarians to work together to achieve this long overdue reform."
"If the Government won't listen to the LGBTI community, at least it should listen to its own voters, most of whom want marriage equality resolved by Parliament forthwith."
For a copy of the poll results, click here

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