It's A Tough Time. Take Care Of Yourself!

Hi community members and allies

The Just Equal board notes that the proposals relating to so-called Religious Discrimination bills are likely to be introduced to federal parliament this week, with much debate in all forms of media to follow.

We sadly recall the often difficult and challenging experiences that took place before, during (and even after) the 2017 marriage postal survey. In this light, we are concerned that many LGBTIQA+ people, family members and allies will experience similar distress at this peak time of debate over this legislation, given some aspects of it are likely to be damaging both directly and indirectly for many folk in our communities. We are concerned that the tabling of this divisive legislation may have many unintended consequences with the greatest impact on the mental health and well being of people who have struggled all their lives to create a welcoming and accepting space in which to survive and be accepted.

We strongly affirm the idea of self-care as needed. Every individual knows what works best for them like exercise, pets, music, TV, a bath, breathing exercises. We offer some general thoughts:

  • Pull back from reviewing media articles, discussion on social media if things even begin to feel a little bit tough
  • Talk to friends and supports
  • Check in on each other
  • Utilise services such as Qlife 1800184527 or or 1800729367 or services in your state/territory

If you are doing ok, Just Equal and other community organisations advocating to expose this unnecessary legislation for what it is will welcome your support. Now is the time to stand together and activate for those who can't. One way you can do that is to send a message to Labor to speak out against this proposal and do all they can to kill the bill.

  • Ivan Hinton-Teoh
    published this page in Features 2021-11-30 22:30:40 +1100

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