WA Election 2021

On 15 December 2020, all political party leaders represented in the WA parliament were sent a Just_Equal survey on LGBTI issues. 

Just_Equal is focussing on particular issues where WA has fallen behind other states. Each party has been asked its position on:

  • Conversion practices
  • Discrimination exemptions
  • Anti-vilification laws
  • Law reform for people who are transgender
  • Law reform for people who are intersex
  • Inclusive Education 

Each party has been asked to clarify its policy positions on these areas and to commit to reforms in the next term of parliament.

People interested in LGBTI issues and party policy on them can read the responses below. This may assist West Australians in choosing how they might vote at the state election on Saturday 13 March.  

You can read the original survey template sent to party leaders as well as any responses which have been received. Just click on the links below. 

Labor Party response

Liberal Party (awaiting response)

The Nationals response

The Greens WA response

One Nation (awaiting response)

Liberal Democrats (awaiting response)

Western Australia Party (awaiting response) 

Shooters, Farmers and Fishers (awaiting response) 

Read the original survey questions here

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